Virtual Cam Filter

Virtual Cam Filter 0.0.4

Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit
Source Code URL
Minimum OBS Studio Version
Supported Platforms
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
adds a filter to output a source or scene to the build in virtual camera

Normally the obs virtual camera can only output the final mix, but with this plugin you can output an other scene or source by adding the Virtual Camera filter to the source or scene.
Only 1 thing can output to the virtual camera, so make sure only 1 is active. That can be the final mix or any source or scene.

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Latest updates

  1. Version 0.0.4

    render when not active
  2. Version 0.0.3

    Fix crash and memory leak on closing the virtual camera filter [Andrew Rogers]
  3. Version 0.0.2

    fix restarting output

Latest reviews

Excellent contribution
But just a suggestion.
that the virtual video output can be activated / deactivated with the "start virtual camera" button in the main window
because if you want to change to another "scene collection" without deactivating the virtual output in a scene, obs crashes
Such a dope plugin! I would recommend this to everyone. It is absolutely amazing because it allows you to do more fun effects without messing with your main video source.