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Video source plugin (OBS Classic only)

IMPORTANT!!!!! Could you please make a MAC version of this plugin?
Great plugin, would like to see a delay added to the loop for lower thirds and such.
Why don't you fix the link? I can't download and I really want to use the plugin. I'm waiting for more weeks and the site does not open in any way
Its really great helpful plugin. Thanks a lot.!
Awesome Plug-In! I can finally do Picture in Picture with this!! Thank you!!
I love this plug -in, given I do video editing I can really play around with some motion overlays and after effects as well.

The only thing I would ask to be added is a timer, because I use some lower 3rds in my streams but I like those files to play on a timer like once every 10 minutes or so. That would be great.
this plugin is very good, very needed, but can you add remember playback position like Xsplit very needed
Good Plugin
Would give 5 stars if there was a shuffle option. Other then that AWESOME addon!
This is grea plugin! I really hope to see shuffle option!
I would give it 5 stars if it played youtube videos (links)
great plugin.. workes flawlessly.. i wish you could add random/shuffle feature.. it should also be very useful if shuffle first song is available .. aswell as other options like basic next song/pause/play/ etc..
A good plugin, simple and easy to use. Would love to see a speed option though
Works, but, things I would like to see:
Chroma key (Please)
Start/Stop time, so you can choose to begin the video mid-video
Thanks a bunch. Didn't want to have to go through downloading/converting/uploading/forwarding to get what I needed done. This does it easily. Adios for now.
Would you please make an OBS Studio version of this great plugin?
Great work... But, please, we need Chroma key... *-*
Great but Missing chroma keying and there are lags...
It is a very good Plugin but why has it no Croma Key?? Please :(
It's serviceable. Add "shuffle" option for the playlist and the basic ability to browse for videos instead of entering the file path/dragging and dropping and it will be 5★ worth for sure :)