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Video source plugin (OBS Classic only)

Great but Missing chroma keying and there are lags...
It doesn't even show up, yet it's installed.
IMPORTANT!!!!! Could you please make a MAC version of this plugin?
Great plugin, would like to see a delay added to the loop for lower thirds and such.
Why don't you fix the link? I can't download and I really want to use the plugin. I'm waiting for more weeks and the site does not open in any way
Would give 5 stars if there was a shuffle option. Other then that AWESOME addon!
This is grea plugin! I really hope to see shuffle option!
I would give it 5 stars if it played youtube videos (links)
Its really great helpful plugin. Thanks a lot.!
It is a very good Plugin but why has it no Croma Key?? Please :(
It's serviceable. Add "shuffle" option for the playlist and the basic ability to browse for videos instead of entering the file path/dragging and dropping and it will be 5★ worth for sure :)
great plugin.. workes flawlessly.. i wish you could add random/shuffle feature.. it should also be very useful if shuffle first song is available .. aswell as other options like basic next song/pause/play/ etc..
Awesome Plug-In! I can finally do Picture in Picture with this!! Thank you!!
I love this plug -in, given I do video editing I can really play around with some motion overlays and after effects as well.

The only thing I would ask to be added is a timer, because I use some lower 3rds in my streams but I like those files to play on a timer like once every 10 minutes or so. That would be great.
A good plugin, simple and easy to use. Would love to see a speed option though
this plugin is very good, very needed, but can you add remember playback position like Xsplit very needed
Good Plugin
Works, but, things I would like to see:
Chroma key (Please)
Start/Stop time, so you can choose to begin the video mid-video
Thanks a bunch. Didn't want to have to go through downloading/converting/uploading/forwarding to get what I needed done. This does it easily. Adios for now.
I got everything put exactly where its supposed to go, but the plug in wont load. I've restarted the software multiple times and still nothing. Is a full PC reboot necessary to get it going or is there something preventing the plugin from loading?