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Semi-free TwitchSites - Create your own Twitch stream site! 2016-06-29

We are a service that allows Twitch streamers to create their own feature-rich website dedicated to their channel. We have loads of features already added in, with many more being added all the time. Our websites require no coding knowledge, although slight HTML and CSS skills are recommended (so you can post nice looking news articles, giveaways and pages). All of our sites come with FREE hosting and unlimited bandwidth, saving you even more money!

And the best thing is, we're 100% free to use! We do offer optional site upgrades that will add additional features and website services. If you're serious about giving your viewers the best experience they can get, stop missing out on this great opportunity!

  • On-Screen Alerts
    • Let your viewers purchase funny on-screen popups with their currency; or you can display recent website activity with our handy alerts!
  • Custom Currency
    • Viewers will be able to automatically earn your unique stream currency that they can use on various features, upgrades, games and prizes. The website handles everything, no chat bots needed!
  • Unique Stream Page
    • Your viewers will have access to a feature rich page that greatly increases the overall experience. Stop watching from the old page and provide something that'll make them say "WOW"!
  • Complete Giveaway System
    • Host great giveaways that will not only please your fans, but also help gain more traffic to your Facebook and Twitter pages. Visitors can also spend their earned currency on extra giveaway entries!
  • Spend Currency - Shop
    • Viewers can spend their currency on prizes from your very own shop. We offer a variety of options such as limited stock and limiting purchases to sub-only. You can even automatically sell game keys you have!
  • URL Shortener + Redirects
    • Create a single link that you can use on social media and your Twitch panels so you never need to update them again (just update the link on your site and it'll automatically send all clicks to the new URL)!
  • Custom Pages
    • Create your own custom pages using HTML, JavaScript & jQuery! Embed some of your favorite social media widgets or show off your web development skills and give your viewers something fun to browse!
  • Entertaining Mini-Games
    • Your viewers can have fun spending their currency on some of the mini-games while they watch. See who will claim the top rankings on the HighScores.
  • Player-vs-Player Gambling
    • Watch as your viewers take each other on in the various player-vs-player currency gambling mini-games. Who's lucky, and who's going home broke?
  • Account Unlockables
    • Visitors can spend their currency on permanent account upgrades to unlock extra benefits and increase currency gains. There is even a whole bunch of achievements to unlock for special rewards!
  • Subscriber Rewards
    • Give back to your subscribers (if you're partnered with Twitch) by giving them exclusive features, extra currency earnings and much more! We help you gain and keep your subscriber base!
  • Interactive Community
    • Give your fans a place to congregate and socialize outside of the stream chat. Your forums will be a great place to keep the discussion going even after the stream ends!
  • Fully Responsive
    • Your website will adjust to any screen size and look great on mobile devices and on desktops at the same time. There is even 10 carefully chosen and integrated color themes to choose from!
  • News Articles / Blog
    • Keep your visitors updated by providing them with regular news articles / blog posts. Creating at least one new article a week will greatly increase visitor return rates and keep them engaged!
  • High Scores
    • See who ranks as the supreme Kappa with the High Scores. There are various categories to compete in, with more being added all the time.


You can have your very own personal website up and running before your next stream even begins! Give your fans one place where they can find all your stream related content and media, allowing them to easily stay updated and engaged. This is a hugely missed opportunity that most people don't even consider; don't you think it's time to stand out from the crowd?
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