Twitch Bot with Website Betting System

Free Twitch Bot with Website Betting System is a new twitch chat bot with website betting integration (controlled by obs window scanning).

The bot is able to do the following things:
  • Give every viewer every X minutes a fixed point quantity, defined by you
  • The point and sure, also the bot name/account can be chosen by yourself
  • Giveaways with and without points (with stream overlay)
  • The Bot scans your OBS window with image recognation and automatically start and stop betting
  • Sounds and Overlays when you win or lose your game
  • Betting winners / losers can be shown in stream
  • Make a screenshot after every game and upload it to your website
  • Deepbot Import (if you use another point bot, contact me).
  • you can translate everything in your language
  • You get your own customizable website like
  • Their is a test betting livestream
  • it's free and the website is ad-driven, you can also insert an adsense code, both are then showed alternating.

For more Information please take a look at the FAQ

Es gibt ein Deutsches Tutorial Video

At the Moment it's a early beta test, but if you want to give it a try, feel free to register. You can download the Bot in your admin panel.

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    A lot of function are now very stable and running since weeks without problems. Whisper server...