SuiteCG for Graphics and Scoreboards

Non-Free SuiteCG for Graphics and Scoreboards

I'd like to share with the OBS community an effective tool set for generating and controlling scoreboard for sports and, by extension, gaming webcasts.

SuiteCG, while currently under development, will have a variety of modules designed to make controlling scoreboards (including score, timeouts, clocks, etc...) incredibly simple. More than that, SuiteCG is a full-fledged Character Generator for creating multi-page projects for linescores, opening and closing titles, sponsor graphics, and more. If you have PNG logos for your teams, simply specify the filepath for each logo and instantly each page in your project file is updated.

Our legacy product line, CGStatLink, is available for purchase with specific applications for Football (American), Soccer, Basketball, and Baseball/Softball. SuiteCG will eventually roll these individual applications in to its overall architecture.

Each sport has a free graphics package, and our Basketball application has graphics packages for hockey/lacrosse and volleyball/tennis to trick the Basketball UI in to controlling scoreboards for those sports, too!

Don't like our free graphics? We have a tutorial video that shows you how to hack the file until our Project Editor is ready for prime time!

SuiteCG and CGStatLink's Internal Character Generator can output to an extended display or a floating window that OBS can screenshare. Chromakey the user-defined background and you're all set!

Check it out with a free 15-day trial. We have a variety of time-limited pricing options available so you only pay for it when you need it.

SuiteCG is under active development and will be adding a host of exciting new features. In the mean time, CGStatLink is the easiest path for comprehensive scoring and game day graphics!

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