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Overlays. They cost a lot, it's a challenge to find the right designer, and the onus is on you to conceptualise something. So what if a service existed, for free, that simplified that entire process and allowed you to select an overlay and edit its content all through the web? Well, look no further. Strexm, a revolutionary new service, currently provides just under 20 beautiful, dynamic, and modular overlays that all utilise the power of the web to give you complete control over the way your overlay looks.


But what does all of that mean? By being dynamic and modular, our overlays can be controlled from anywhere, any device, to show the content you need to show and hide what you don't. No webcam? No problem. Simply turn its graphic border off - no more awkward random boxes that you can't get rid of. Social media handle changed? Easy. Just edit it through the online form. Tired of having alerts that just don't quite look right or go with your existing channel art? Sorted. All of our overlays come with integrated follower, subscriber and donation alerts.

So how does it all work? Simply connect with your Twitch account, select an overlay of your choice, edit its contents, and then link your overlay directly into OBS using the CLR Browser Plugin. It takes only minutes to get set-up and you'll have a beautiful looking stream in no time.

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