Free StreaMix 0.16.0

Main changes:
• Added CyberHero service (, supports subscriber display, statistics, tags, stream editing.
• Fixed the work of YouTube (you need to reconnect the service again).
• Information about premium subscribers, hosts and bits with Twitch is now requested directly. (Streamlabs is now only for donations and preloading the history of these events.)
• Fixed receiving the nickname that supported on DonationAlerts, if it covered the commission of the service.
• Added output to tags of paid subscriptions with Twitch.
• Fixed speech synthesis from Amazon Polly (In case of problems, I advise you to switch to Yandex synthesis).
• Added autofix of the rime with a problem with it (you need to run as administrator). When the "Restroom Management" window is opened, the fix will be automatically added to the system, which StreaMix will notify with a message. (The changes will take effect after the system is rebooted)
• Fixed some problems in the "Stream Editor".
• Added filtering for the minimum amount of donations and the number of hosts and bits for the alert and event list.
• Fixed connection to DonationAlerts.
• For donations, the {amount} tag was added, to output the amount without currency.

• When hovering to the service for connection, a help is displayed about the supported features.
• When you hover over fields with tag support, a list of all possible tags is displayed.
• Updated nginx for the raster server.
• Api Twitch has been updated to the latest version.
• The label "Last_SubscriberAndMonth.txt" has been added.
• Added displaying the number of subscribers for in statistics.
• General minor edits.

For English-speaking friends, he finally added English localization. If desired, everyone can create their own localization file.

Major changes:
• Added the ability to be re-rated for an unlimited number of services.
• Ability to stream to a custom broadcast server.
• Display statistics about the server of the rime (total speed of streams, total transmitted amount of data, time of flow, total number of skipped frames).
• Displaying drops on the service by changing the color of the button at the time of their appearance.
• Ability to start the server automatically when the application starts.
• The history of the last names of the stream is added.
• Display bits with twitch via streamlabs.
• Widgets now receive data via sockets.
• After updating the widget page, the data is now restored to its full extent.
• When you receive several messages at a time, now, the sound and voice are played out for each event.
• Added a new type of the "Alerts" widget.
• Ability to change the image, animations (in the amount of 64), text color, font, sound, and synthesis for each type of alert.
• Added a list of viewers with Twitch, FunStream, GoodGame (other services can be added at the request of workers).
• The ability to add a viewer to your favorites, so as not to miss his joining.
• Ability to display the list of viewers in one line.
• Added more labels for streaming (last subscriber, last subscriber, last premium subscription, list of subscribers, list of supporters, list of premium subscribers) and renamed old ones.
• Ability to display the list of viewers in one line.
• The "Event history" module has been added.
• Added an event filter to the "Event History".
• Added the ability to edit the themes of events (number of events, vertical / horizontal reflection, text color, animation selection, font).
• Added options for stable speech synthesis for premium users.
• Fixed old ones and added new voices.
• Unconnected services are no longer displayed in statistics.
• Some windows can be mounted on top of other windows.
• Added display of the number of viewers at the host (tag {viewers}).
• Added the creation of Twitch clips from the application.
• Added support for partial application localizations. (By default, English is available, you can add your localizations to the files / Locales folder)

• Fixed care for the application screen at startup.
• The launch of the application is fixed in specific situations.
• Improved performance of the animated counter.
• Significantly accelerated display of data when the widget is started.
• Fixed bug of output of old events as new, in case of delay of response from the server.
• Fixed a font in the standard widget for some users.
• Save the total number of subscribers to the file.
• Fixed missing interface on Windows 10 CU.
• Some visual components have been rewritten.
• The local server now supports directories.
• New color theme.
• is replaced by in connection with rebranding.
• The website now displays the total number of viewers at the streamer.
• Fixed receiving a track with
• Fixed a YouTube connection if the provider changed the response from the server.
• The work of DonationAlerts has been fixed after changes on the site.
• Added the ability to use a proxy if the provider blocked or

Major changes:
• Display on the stream timer, stopwatch and time.
• The timer can be put close the application (for example to automatically end the stream).
• If you rename a stream is now given the result from the response from the server regarding the success of the operation.
• New skin in the style of Overwatch.
• New skin the new year in style.
• Rename the stream to Funstream (
• Support socket (for future support chat and optimizing output events).
• Fixed renaming YouTube, reduced memory usage 8 times.
• Fixed a critical bug with getting subscribers, premium and donations for GoodGame.
• Displays hosts in the list of events for Twitch.
• More data in the "STATISTICS" from the data is saved to a file (subscribers, likes, dislikes, etc.).
• Support in the section "STATISTICS".
• New global topic, correction of artifacts and other design changes.
• Added the tag {message} for messages about donation and subscription. (yet be careful, because if the message exceeds 250 characters, the message will not be counted.)
• Fixed authorization GoodGame.
• Fixed startup GoodGame, if the last session access token is saved incorrectly.

• Fixed data receiving from GoodGame when editing a stream.
• Fixed receiving members with
• Changed design of list subscribers.
• Fixed saving and loading of window positions.
• Fixed sending data, if the query has accented characters.
• Fixed a rare bug when unpacking files.
• Fixed a bug with the launch of the Hitbox in the absence of subscribers.
• The separation of logic Twitch (subscribers and hosts) and Streamlabs (premium subscribers and donuts).

New skins:
Major changes:
• Change the name of the stream and a selection of games for GoodGame, YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox. (unconnected services do not appear)
• Simultaneous change of name of the stream on all services (works correctly) and game selection (βeta).
• Added direct connect to Twitch (to edit the stream).
• Followers will now work directly with Twitch (the data is received is reduced to 5 seconds. (previously about 2 min.)).
• Full support for GoodGame (Followers, Subscrabers, Donations).

• Removed service in view of its failure.
• Fixed when porting the application to another location on disk.
• Fixed update older versions of files with new ones.
• Rewritten code switches.
• Fixed, we youtube and twitch. (temporary solution, wait for logging)
• Changed the logic of the widget is launched, now the program by default tries to connect to the unavailable services. (earlier, she immediately was turned off).

Major changes:
• Added support for (subscribers, the status of the stream, number of viewers).
• Rewritten most of the code responsible for the collection and output of data.
• Now when you run the latest posts sorted by date of receipt and not at random.
• Correctly processed late messages (previously they were just ignored and not displayed in the widget).
• Now correctly handled a large number of messages from one service (previously display more than one message with the same service in 5-10 sec).
• Added display of the latest messages right in the program window.
• Fixed a bug with the output application screen.
• Added optional saving of last data to display them in a list, not a widget (yet unfiltered).

• Go to the service or your stream (if there are authorization) via the context menu opened by clicking the right button on the program window.
• Fixed bug donationalerts with the inability to work in less than 10 Donath.
• New skin in Dota 2.
• now displays subscribers based.
• Fixed absent message page
• Other minor UI changes and functionality
Major changes:
• Added optional sound notification when new event.
• Added display of status of streams and number of viewers users in the chat GoodGame, Twitch and Youtube, as well as their output stream (FunStream while in flight).
• The subscribers list now displays and writes to a file FunStream, GoodGame, Twitch and Youtube.
• Added multi-threading (removed the friezes of the interface).
• Removed, we subscriptions for GoodGame.
• Displays the name of a random subscriber.

• Animated clock.
• Fixed Youtube.
Major changes:
• Added optional display of icons in the services widget.
• A choice between coloured and monochrome icons.
• All the services (temporarily in addition to DA) do not require re-authorization every start of the application.
• Added error logging to log file.

• Changed algorithm of parsing with
• If an error occurred on one of the services, the program disables it only, not the entire widget.
• Authorization Youtube more up to date during the work program.