Stream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms at once with Restream!

Free Stream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms at once with Restream! 2.2


@OfficialDLive is now fully supported by the Restream Chat and our OBS Plugin.

So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out

Our brand new Chat Templates are sure to spice up your OBS Overlay by adding a unique themed chat based on the game you are playing!

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We've just launched our brand new Developer Portal to allow OBS Users to create deeper integrations between their stream and Restream!

Go check it out here:

We’re proud to present our new pricing update! It consists of two major changes:

✅Free Facebook Live

You asked for it and we did it! Now, you can easily stream to Facebook personal profiles for free. This also includes streaming to Facebook Gaming, so add one more platform to your list.⚡

✅Extra Destinations

We simplified the way we call things. No more Custom RTMPs and Doublings. Now, it’s called as simple as Extra Destination. Wish to add one more YouTube channel? It’s an Extra Destination. Wish to add a custom streaming server (aka Custom RTMP)? It’s an Extra Destination. All Custom RTMPs and Doublings you currently have will be converted in Extra Destinations.

The day has finally come... Restream will now officially support Mixer's FTL Protocol

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of OBS Studio, then you'll be able to access this brand new feature.

Find out more about this integration in our recent blog post:

We've officially released our Facebook Gaming integration!

Now you can instantly change your Facebook game and title directly within the newest version of OBS Studio.

We’ve supercharged the way you set your games with Restream!

Head on over to our Title page now and instantly set your game for every channel or from directly within the newest version of OBS Studio
OBS has just updated to support Restream and our brand new set of widgets!

What's new
• Added Restream instant login!
• Added the Restream Chat widget.
• Added a Restream Title & Game widget.

Learn more here:
We’re leaving Flash in the Past with our new HTML5 Preview Player update! Now you can preview your stream easily, quickly and seamlessly across all devices at any time.

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Bonjour Paris, we’re excited to unveil our brand new server located in the heart of the city of love! Now even more streamers can start Restreaming to their audience today.

Head over to the Restream Dashboard now to try it out!