Stream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms at once with Restream!

Free Stream to Twitch, Mixer, Youtube & Over 30+ other platforms at once with Restream! 2.2

it’s partially free. Platforms as Facebook are under fee
Simple setup and streams to my : hitbox, twitch and yt gaming account just fine. Quality is superb!
I was eager to give this service to try because for some reason connection to european Twitch servers wasn't good enough for me.

I tried, but connection quality to Frankfurt server of wasn't good as well.
After finding out that Restream opened server in Russia, I was excited because I live in Russia. I thought that at last I could upload stable 3500 Kbps into russian Restream server and stream on Twitch using it.
But, unfortunately, connection quality was as bad as it was with european servers (I was losing around 35% of frames), I really don't know why.

In addition to this I should mention that my connection is enough to maintain stable 6000 kbps connection to Youtube Gaming servers and perfectly stable 3500 kbps (which I believe is maximum allowed by that streaming service) fo Hitbox server in Moscow, but for russian Restream server my connection isn't good enough do deliver even stable 2000 kbps.
Anton, please connect with us via instant chat on the website and we will try figure that out together.
very easy to set up and now I can reach more audience in YTG and Twitch!
very useful tool. I was struggling whether to stream to Youtube or Twitch. Now I can do both!
unreal lag when restream on youtube and twitch.
Hello @Avatar4pro

Would be great if you can mail more details about your experience to
Also, you can ask our team in real-time chat on our web-site.

Thanks for your feedback.
Restream Team
Restream enables so many possibilities for your stream - you can use alternate streaming services as DVRs, or try to find the platform which suits your show best.
At first I had frame drops at weekend, but then I tried to change to the EU-secondary server and it worked perfectly!
I've made two long test streams - the first test was on Wednesday: no disconnects, no frame drops, everything cool; and the second one on Saturday evening: lots of frame drops... So I think doesn't have enough capacity for weekend (yet).
We have discovered that server you have chosen for restreaming could be not the best ones. We have edited your stream settings, could you please try to stream again and tell us if the problem you faced are gone?
Awesome tool, way easier than other setups. Thanks for this, works great.