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Free Stream Music Player with scrolling or static song information 1.0

Hey guys,

I use OBS Studio (and before Classic) quite some time now and made some tools which I use while streaming. And I thought, why not share with you...


First of all: I made this within an hour and it should just be practical and a fast solution - which I use since then, because I was too lazy to beautify it and add features.

This is a pretty simple music player which creates a playlist of a random order of given songs. Additionally it shows given song-information in a scrolling and static template which can be easily keyed in OBS. For streaming-purposes you can easily change the volume and fade between two volume-values (like one for streaming and one for breaks - where you want music louder).

The only thing you have to care about is the "ToPlay"-folder. You place the MP3's you want to play in there. There is no limit what-so-ever, but the program shuffles 200 random songs into the playlist - so you should be fine for at least 5-8 hours in normal song-length. Additionally you have to make an entry for that file in the links.txt-file as shown in the image below:


IMPORTANT: Each line has to contain three parts each split with a semicolon ;
The first part is the name of the song which MUST be the name of the file as well - only mp3 is supported so far (if the filename is Life is live by Bon Jovi.mp3 the first part of the entry in the links.txt has to be Life is live by Bon Jovi, else it won't work). The order of the entries does not have to be the same as the files in the folder.
In the other parts you can put in whatever you need - but the third part comes as second information and the second part as last information, because the last thing was added later (f*** me right?!)

I know it's quite limited for now, but if you guys are interested I will improve it someday later.

Anyhow I want to offer you this for free, because I know how hard it is to find practical tools for streaming. If you want to support me feel free to check out my YouTube-channel and help me a little bit by spreading the stuff I do on YouTube and/or other stuff I do.

Hope you enjoy the tool. Feel free to give feedback to make it better - as said: pretty basic and made in just an hour as a fast solution which works.
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