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Free SPX-GC HTML graphics enginen (Open Source) 1.0

We are happy to announce the 1.0 release of SmartPX Graphics Controller “GC”, a browser based application to control HTML graphics on one or more CasparCG servers and/or live streaming applications such as OBS, Wirecast and vMix.

Key features:

  • Browser based UI
  • Runs locally as a server (Windows, Mac, Linux) or in a cloud instance
  • Template contents are saved to unlimited projects and rundowns
  • Use existing HTML templates in projects
  • Control unlimited CasparCG servers
  • Customizeable UI controls (plugins) for added functionality
  • Easy and fast to operate with a mouse or keyboard
  • UI localization to any language
  • NodeJS backend
  • Open source (MIT -license)
An overview video: There is also a live demo instance available at . (Please note, the demo instance is shared across all users so expect clashes. Data in the demo is automatically reset few times a day.)

GC was originally developed by SmartPX for YLE, the public broadcaster in Finland. Markus Nygård from YLE, a regular on this forum, can shed some light on the requirements and remote workflow considerations behind the application.

Pre-built binary packages, source code and issue tracker is available at

We have interesting features for GC on our roadmap and look forward to any user suggestions and other feedback. Software is freely available, but we will be more than happy to provide creative services in custom template design and related development.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us

Thank you,

Tuomo Kulomaa

Markus Nygård
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