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OBS Lua Source toggler 0.0.3

Great tool!
BEAUTIFUL little plugin that saves a lot of work on my end. Highly recommend if this is a feature you're looking for in a scene or group.
Does exactly what is says!!! Thank you
Exeldro, thank you so much for this script, it is life changing! Not only that, but it toggles some sources more cleanly than hotkeys assigned to multiple sources, such that I don't get a single frame flicker between ones that I used to anymore.
Basically, this script frees you from assigning numerous hotkeys for getting some simple activate toogles.

lets you use just the "unhide" hotkey for the source to hide the other sources.

mini Tutorial:
Lets suppose you want to have a "music player" inside OBS and have some varying genres, like "Tempo", Chill", "Dark" .
+ you put all the individual "VLC media list" sources in a group called "BGM".
+ Assign hotkey to "unhide" them for each of them (alt+numpad1 for tempo, "alt+numpad2" for "Chill" etc.)

Add the script via the scripts panel and specify which groups/scene to be monitored for activity.

After setting that up, you will notice that,as soon as you un-hide "Dark" genre, whatever currently visible isnde that group/folder becomes "invisible" automatically as you tell the script to continuously check for the specified Group/Folder.

Normally you would have to use the same hotkey that you use to un-hide Source A to hide the Sources B C D E etc, and repeat the process for any other sources.

I use this script and deal with numerous groups that lets me switch theme setups, replay collections, music collections and some DIY OSD elements.

Anyways, i am so thankful for this script Exeldro!