Source Switcher

Source Switcher 0.4.2

All the perks of scene switcher without all the extra scenes. This is literally the perfect solution.
I love this plugin but since I've updated to OBS 30.1.2 it no longer works correctly. It isn't looping through each video correctly.
Only discovered this now - what a time saver!
This is a wonderful plugin that enables OBS to do things professional broadcast switchers do! For example, I use Source Switcher to build an auxiliary projector output, such that I can switch the projector feed independently from the program (livestream) feed. I combine this with the "Main View Source" plugin to be able to route the program feed back into my auxiliary output, so during a show I can quickly and easily separate the projector feed or have it mirror the program feed via simple hotkeys. For me this plugin has been rock solid, and I highly recommend it for those looking to do advanced broadcast work with OBS.
Buggy, causes crashes quite often, and with some confusing UI but when it works it does exactly what I want.
I guess I'm more of an advanced user of this plugin. I use this plugin to have a rotator at the bottom of my stream between my live YouTube chat and live Rumble chat. I have the two set up as two separate animated scenes that the source switcher switches between. It was working great until the recent OBS update. Unfortunately for my other plugins to keep working, I had to update OBS. But unfortunately this plugin keeps causing the current version of OBS to crash when I switch scenes. For a less advanced user, this is a good plugin, but unfortunately I'm going to have to stop using it until an update is released.
Awesome plugin and does it's job good!
I would like to request an extra feature for Transition Type...
Transition Type -> Random
The plugin is fine, some things worked for me, not all of them were excellent, exeldro
This one, along with Move Transition and Downstream Keyer by the same developer, has has made my life a lot easier by letting me build all sorts of advanced lower-thirds elements (speaker info, social media accounts, logo etc.) and switch between them with ease right within OBS, without ever having to create video files for them.
Super useful for exactly what it says.
Incredibly easy to set up and start using.
Simple controls eliminate confusion.
Reliable way to cycle through a set of sources.

WISH: It would be fabulous if there was a way to make sure it started with a specific source when triggering from preview to program each time.
It does what it says, but if the sizes of your sources have different dimensions you are absolutely screwed as they wont ever line up. It is making a group of the objects it turns off and on, rather than simply turning on a source already in the scene, and then turning on its copy of the sources.
Very useful plugin which adds an important key feature of scenes to OBS. This actually should become a standard in OBS. Even as a beginner, I was able to install and run the plugin effectively within minutes.
Works, however functionality is limited.
I have a custom animated overlay that switches between showing the "top donator", "top gifter", and "top cheerer" lists. I need the ability for the timer to restart when the scene becomes active, much like the options to "refresh browser when scene becomes active" or "restart playback when source becomes active" in the browser source or media source options
Such a nice plugin, it certainly will be very useful to me, but I can't get the sources audio to appear in youtube live streaming. So strange, they show up in Obs audio mixer, settings are ok (monitor and send), I can hear them locally but they mute on the way to youtube.
antes no me andaba el audio pero ahora veo que no me cambia de video cuando termine, tengo toda la confiuracion bien hecha pero no me anda, para los que buscan una alternativa: hacer un playlist en VCL y usar el sower de ndi y el plugin de ndi para que se vea en el obs
None of the transitions are actually showing for me. Its all just blank.
Thanks for this, its saved so much time with turning off and on sources in multi actions on the stream deck!
transition and gtg