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A friend of mine asked me to help him out. He's issue was that sometimes OBS encoder took up too much resource on he's gamer PC. He asked me if there was a way to use a secondary PC as OBS encoder. People who ask this question usually do not have the money to acquire a capture card. He was asking for a software solution.

The goal of this project was to create a low ( + stable ) resource demanding "video source" and transfer it over network to a secondary PC that can process(encode) the information.

You can find the files here.

If you have any feedback please let me know.
If you need and would use something like this. Let me know.

Right now it only transfers video data using GDI capture method and render it on a window.

Ideas that could be implemented in the future :
- add OBS plugin to directly input video data instead render it on a window.
- further improve CPU usage on video source machine through code profiling + optimisations
- add option to mix data from multiple video sources before rendering ( multicams )
- add more and better filtering options ( transform filters, fade, mix, cutout.. )
- add better acquisition ( video card )

On my PC the video acquisition was eating 7% CPU. The render PC required avg 25% CPU usage. These data mean nothing unless PC specs are given( see line below as reference )
Using a simple video transfer 3rd party software i was getting 30% CPU usage on gamer PC and 5% CPU usage on encoder PC ( this is exactly what "my" program is trying to avoid )

The project is simple enough for anyone to understand as an education project if nothing more :)

I kinda abandoned the project because the friend suddenly vanished and there was nobody to test this software. If there is demand, i might resume it.
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