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Microsoft decided a few months ago that their investment into Beam (later renamed to Mixer) was coming to an end. As such, about two weeks ago, they shut the Mixer platform down completely. It's a shame, because I believe the advancement of Mixer was the only thing forcing Amazon to keep Twitch updated. Before Mixer was formed, Amazon had let Twitch languish, without any updates (not even SSL) for three years! With this shutdown, Mixer pages have been removed from all packages. They no longer serve a function.

However, with that, the Trovo platform is starting to pick up steam. As such, support for controlling your Trovo streams has been added as a page option. I am also working on adding support for DLive; but I've been trying to get developer access to their API for over a year and they still haven't processed my applications... so who knows!
By popular request, you can now export your packages (or pages) to local JSON files. This will allow you to make backups of your packages (or pages). With this, you can do your own versioning.

You can also import your backups to existing packages (or pages). This will make it easy to duplicate your scoreboard packages (or pages) as needed.

Import and Export buttons can be found on the edit buttons for packages and pages.
Request #28: You can now run custom timers on your scoreboards! The times are sync'd to Unix Epoch, so timers will not be lost on page refreshes.

A tutorial on how to use these timers can be found here:

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You can now define "color palettes" independent from packages! Previously, you would define your color palettes for each package individually. If you're like me, you use the same package for multiple events; but each event had different colors. This meant that you had to constantly write down your stored color settings in a text file and restore them each time you wanted to go back to an old color palette.

With this new system, you can instead define color palettes in their own section in your control panel. Then you can easily change the color palette of your packages by switching to a new palette, without having to lose your previous colors. Then you can switch to different color palettes very easily. If you want to continue using the old system of tying your colors to your packages, you may continue to do so.

The most recent version of OBS Studio (24.0, released October 11) added a new feature called "Custom Browser Docks". With this new feature, you can now set up any web page as a panel in your OBS interface! Naturally, you'll probably want to dock your scoreboards directly into OBS. However, taking your package URL and simply dumping it into a custom browser dock doesn't result in a clean look.

To facilitate a cleaner look, we have just added a new "simple" container for packages. When adding your package URL to a dock, just add `?simple=1` to the end of the URL and you'll get an interface which eschews all the extra styling you see on this website. Check the screenshots below for more information.

1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png
Due to a request for additional features, the way the "reset scores" button works has changed.

Request #20: A new "clear fields" button has been added. For any text field, select field or scoreboard field, you can now add a button that will clear all the values and reset them to empty. This button is available as an OPTION; and thus will not be shown by default. However, in order to facilitate this feature, the "reset scores" button on scoreboard fields has been tied into this option. Which means unless you enable this option, you won't see the "reset scores" button either.

Request #19: You can now set a "default score" on scoreboard fields. Previously, hitting the "reset scores" button would revert all scores to "0". Since some people use the scoreboards as count-downs, instead of count-ups, the reset button was counter-productive. Now you can define a starting value, and when clicking reset, the integer boxes will revert to that defined value.

In case you forget, editing these values and options can be found by clicking the edit button next to each field.
Twitch formally announced to developers today that they are deprecating their v3 API in two weeks. As such, this addon is already prepared with their updated v5 API. There should not be any changes you have to do in order to continue using this addon without issue... everything should just work.
We've recently released an Android app for! It's really just a web-view front end for the website, but it gives direct access to your scoreboards.
Just like all other versions of Scoreboard Assistant, I basically write this software for myself. Thankfully, you guys in the community get to benefit from my needs. This current version, uses a third-party service called "Google Cloud Firestore". Currently, we are running off the free version of this service; which means there is no real service cost to this website. And based on usage quotas from the past two weeks, and we'll be able to continue running off the free version. Which of course, means I don't really need to charge for this website at the moment. So I wont!

So for the foreseeable future, this website will remain free! As such, I have adjusted the account plans. With a basic account, you will be able to create ONE package completely for free; as well as upload images and generally use all the features of this website. If you would like more than one package, only then will you be required to upgrade to a Broadcaster License. If at any point, we get close to exhausting the usage quota of Google Cloud Firestore, I will re-assess these plans, but it doesn't look like that will happen anytime soon.
You can now use CTRL+S to save/submit forms! Naturally, this function only exists on pages which have a submission function.