PTZOptics Camera Controller for OBS

PTZOptics Camera Controller for OBS 2018-04-30

We have made some major updates to the app and also provided Mac support.

New features include:

  1. Control up to 8 PTZOptics cameras over an IP connection (LAN)
  2. xBox Joystick Controller Support
  3. Compact, Advanced and Preview Modes
  4. Live Video Preview Mode with automatic camera switching (Windows Only)
  5. Hotkeys support in OBS
  6. Name each unique camera
  7. Set up to 9 camera presets
  8. Name each unique preset & capture image representations
  9. Pan, Tilt and Zoom Speeds
    1. Pan & Tilt Speed Locks
  10. Iris Controls
  11. Focus Controls (With Focus Speed)
  12. Selectable exposure modes (Auto, Manual, SAE, AAE and Brightness)
  13. Advanced image controls for Contrast, Luminance, and Hue
  14. Select between exposure modes
  15. Flip and Mirror camera image
  16. On Screen Display Controls
  17. Real-time reporting of camera options status