PowerPoint Resize and Control

Free PowerPoint Resize and Control V 3.1

As it uses a few % CPU I have made showing thumbnails of running PowerPoint slide shows optional:

Major addition to allow easy manageemnt of PowerPoint presentations. You can work with a primary and a secondary presentation both with their own hotkeys for NEXT and PREVIOUS slides.

Works with the latest PowerPoint versions - makes shots of the slides

Version 2.7 now shows a thumbnail of the running slide show and indicates which slide number is currently up. Clicking the light blue hyperlinks will open explorer windows to the location of the PowerPoint file (pptx) or the screenshot folder repectively.


Also the tool is now more precise as to the status of PowerPoint - like not running, no file open, file open or slide show going on:





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Assign a hotkey and a folder where to store the images. So whenever you press that hotkey a new file will be created and automatically saved into that folder. File name has accurate time stamp and all images will be stored as png. Experiment with compression levels! (Even the highest level 9 showed astonishing good quality in my tests).

Update location changed from my website to OBS project. Hope you all will be able to download now.
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I have made some changes to the appearance using darker colors and grouping controls by the 2 key functions: hotkeys and resizing. Also resizing wil only appear when PPT is running. Tool will show "save" button only after changes have been made to the setup and will indicate PPT version, presentation name and number of slides.

Thanks manuelnv and Lawrence_SoCal

I have added the option to specify any key (optionally combined with Ctrl and/or Alt) to be used for hotkeys as well as freely configurable window size. Also for fine tuning you can get the current size of the active PowerPoint and change by pixel.


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