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Free PhantomBot - Free Multipurpose Twitch.TV Bot

PhantomBot v2.1
This is the biggest, and best release yet! We have some pretty neat things planned for the future, so make sure to follow our public Trello board to find out what we’re adding and planning for the future! We hope you enjoy this release of PhantomBot, and as always, please post bugs, questions, and concerns on our forums, and if you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter. Thank you for using PhantomBot!

  • Added a toggle for moderators+ to pay for commands.
  • Added ability for moderators+ to whisper the bot commands.
  • Added (whisper) as a command tag.
  • Added ability to set cooldown to 1 second on a command and it will ignore the global cooldown.
  • Added a read file command tag. (readfile filename.txt). This file needs to be in the bots addons folder.
  • Added a new tab permissions tab on the panel.
  • Added mysql support.
  • Added a console reset command. Type reset in the console to reset your botlogin.txt if you’re having issues.
  • Added a command tag for keywords command:command_name will run that command.
  • Added back a feature to stop users from gaining points for X amount of time.
  • Added a Donator group. You can toggle if people get promoted to a Donator when donating, and you can also set a minimum amount of dollars they need to donate before getting promoted.
  • Added point bonuses. This means you can add a bonus of points at each payout for X amount of minutes.
  • Added a new command tag. (1=TAG NAME OF YOUR CHOICE). If nothing is said after the command it will use the tag of your choice after the =, if something is said it will replace it with what the user said in chat.
  • Added a new countdown command tag. (countdown=Month Day Year Time) example (countdown=June 29 2016 7:00:00).
  • Added a new (downtime) command tag that will say when the last stream was. This will only work once you go online, and then go offline.
  • Added a toggle for the no permission message.
  • Ranks will now show the next rank in the !rank command.
  • Added ban reasons in the moderation tab on the web panel.
  • You can now blacklist songs or song names and users from the web panel for songrequests!
  • Dashboard will now show your last follow, sub, resub, and donator!
  • You can now set the slot emotes from the panel, or command.
  • You can now set how many users will show in the !top and !toptime commands.
  • Added ability to run commands via the panel.
  • Added new subscriber event handler.
  • Added new re-subscriber event handler
  • Added ability to change the ytp playlist from the panel.
  • You can now add the sound name via the panel you no longer need to modify the script! And when you update it wont delete your sounds anymore.
  • Added a !paycom command that will reward a user the amount you have set for it after using the command. You can also use (pay) as a command tag for custom commands.
  • Added (onlineonly) as a command tag, add it in your command and it will only work when the stream is online.
  • Added !addcom (alert graphicsfile) and !addcom (alert graphicsfile,duration_in_seconds) which will pop-up the graphic file at localhost:25000/alerts and, if an MP3 file is present with the same basename, the audio will play at the same time. Use in OBS Studio with a chroma key of green.
  • Custom language support. Place any files that are to be modified and kept between releases in the lang/custom directory. Subdirectories are supported as well, so the entire lang/english structure could be cloned and modified if desired or just place any edited language files directly into the custom directory.
  • Fixed broken !notice interval.
  • Fixed !botname blacklist add <user> being case sensitive.
  • Fixed issue with commas in a quote while editing the username or game fields in the Control Panel.
  • Fixed hook call in editcom.
  • Fixed regulars not being promoted.
  • Fixed a typo in the !delalias message.
  • Fixed the disabled panel for raffles and ticket raffles.
  • Fixed bet timer.
  • Fixed global cooldown effecting !bet !RaffleKeyWord !ticket !tickets !bid.
  • Fixed a hook call if you justed type !tickets.
  • Fixed the panel death counter not showing “0” if there is not deaths on a game.
  • Fixed commands not getting removed from the permissions in the command list. Old entries will have to be removed manually.
  • Fixed moderator being promoted to regulars.
  • Fixed adventure always choosing the same adventures.
  • Fixed custom commands working with the module disabled. Same with new subscriber alert
  • Fixed total raffle entries not showing on the panel.
  • Fixed resubs not showing.
  • Disabled commands will not show up in the !commands command anymore.
  • Fix so you can set the cooldown on !adventure with !coolcom.
  • Fixed timer issues this will fix; points accumulation, time accumulation, notices dispatching, moderation timeout delay, raffle timers stoping, timer errors in the error log, and more!
  • Fixed incorrect bet close message.
  • Made the entire panel silent. This means when you edit something on the panel it will no longer say anything in chat.
  • Made aliases show up in !commands.
  • If you has the old Twitter handler, you will have to do the setup process again. This will be done from the bot console now.
  • Adventure will now say how much you won.
  • The !multi sub commands now work with !permcom!
  • Followage hours and days are now in the lang script. also fixed days showing up when you were following for more then 1 month.
  • Game and Title are now editable on the panel, they will no longer blur out.
  • Changed !group to !permission. If you are not a new user !permission will be aliased to !group. You can !delalias it if need be.
  • Turned raffle message off by default, and when this is off the bot will only announce when a raffle is opened.
  • Turned ticket raffle message off by default, and when this is off the bot will only announce when a raffle is opened.
  • Changed live tweet cooldown from 10 min to 8 hours.
  • Whisper mode for stream commands.
  • You can no longer @ mention or # mentions in the Twitter handler. This is because it becomes spam with the automated messages, and it has your bot name in the tweet so they know its from a bot and you could get reported and blocked from using the api.
  • Removed check if bot is sender to whisper the owner.
  • Removed “.mods” from spamming the console and the event logs. Sorry about this.
Setup Guide for the Twitter handler:

  • Optionally may provide logtimezone=TIMEZONE in botlogin.txt to request the core logs and console to produce messages with a specific timezone. If the timezone is empty or invalid, defaults to GMT.
  • Incoming Tweet’s will optionally show the configured Twitter ID with the (twitterid) tag. !twitter id command added to show the ID as well.
  • Debug statements will include class, method and filenames, as provided on the stack.
  • The !slot and !roll commands now have a rewards sub-command to set rewards.
  • Added set sub-command to !title and !game so that !permcom title set and !permcom game set are available.
  • YouTube Player Web interface now provides a button to randomize the playlist.
  • Aliased !tickets to !ticket and added a db entry for total entries.
  • !aliascom now supports multiple parameters rather than a single parameter with a command.
  • Added a toggle for event, error and file logging.
  • Bot messages will now be logged.
  • !twitter now shows ID and link and indicates to use !twitter usage for usage. Added !twitter usage.
  • Added (command command_name) as a tag for !addcom. This will execute a command and the rest of the command line is passed. (command) must be the first item in the custom command. Do not use ! before the command_name. For example: !addcom ptsadd (command points) (1) 20
  • Added total entries for raffle on the panel.
  • Updated Viewer Panel to create keys for users from any table that is used to pull data as well as the visited table. This should now capture all users in the database.
  • Whispers limited by msglimit60 configuration in botlogin.txt to define whispers allowed in 60 seconds. Default value is 90. Twitch limit is 100/minute.
  • Stream online Twitter post has a 10 minute cooldown to catch any Twitch, broadcasting software or ISP issues.
  • Added log rotation to automatically purge old logs. By default, logs over 90 days old will be deleted. Can change via !log rotatedays [days]. 0 disables log rotation. Can be updated via the Control Panel as well.
  • New tags for $.say message. Example when the bot is muted [CHAT] will be [MUTED] in the console.
  • Made command tags a lot faster, and api tag now support (sender) tag and more!
  • Added new tags to addcom (#) will generate a random number (viewers) Will say your current viewer count.
  • Added !groups that will show you all of the groups with there id’s.
  • Added !fixfollow - This will force add a user to the bot followed list.
  • Added !YourBotName blacklist - This will allow you to blacklist a user from using all of the bots commands.
  • Added a toggle for the bet message.
  • Added event logging in raffle system, ticket raffle system, quote system and bet system.
  • PhantomBot can now handle timeout reasons. If you turn on silent timeout on a filter it will show a private message in chat to your moderators, and the user that got timed out with a reason, and how long is the timeout. This message can be changed with the moderation message commands Ex: !moderation linksmessage (message).
  • Username is now cached ahead of time from Twitch IRCv3 tags.
  • New event for capturing timeouts in channel. This captures all time outs, not just the ones made by the bot and includes the duration and reason.
  • Bot will exit on boot-up if a script is invalid unless reloadscripts directive is in botlogin.txt.
  • Scripts are now optimized further during boot-up.
  • Indexes will be created for SQLite3 tables. This takes some time at first boot-up when the indexes do not exist. Once the indexes are created, they will not need to be created again.
  • Improved speed between accepting a command and executing it.
  • Improved overall performance of SQLite3 through internal tweaking.
  • Added all the same tags as addcom for keywords.
  • If the oauth setting which allows the bot account to login to Twitch IRC is reported as incorrect by Twitch, an error is reported in the console and in logs/core-errorindicating that the oauth is incorrect and PhantomBot terminates.
  • Added “jail time” to !kill command. This will timeout a user if he gets a jail message. This can be changed with !jailtimeouttime. Make it 0 if you don’t want a timeout.
  • Sped up the execution of commands from Core.
  • Paginate custom commands (!commands), paginate with page number option !botcommands and limits to the group of the user running the command, paginate!module list with page number option.
  • Improved performance and reduced memory footprint of emote handler.
  • Added a global @ tag for custom commands. Mods can now do !command @username and it will return @username -> command message.
  • Optimization for subscriberHandler.js and private messages.
  • Added a blacklist option for the YouTube player. This will allow you to blacklist users from using !songrequest.
  • Added ability to check time on other users. !time <user>.
  • Added new command tags. Please visit to see them.
  • When the login details are not found the bot will now disable all the modules, and set all the old updates as true. This will only happen on new bots, or if you delete your botlogin.txt file.

  • Internal Change: The $.users object is updated when someone first chats as the Twitch Join event can take 1-5 minutes to arrive. The Twitch Join event will also add to $.users object if not present for lurkers.
  • Changed order of loading commands. Now, all commands are loaded first, then the aliases and the custom commands. Additionally, errors are logged if duplicates are found.
  • Fix for deleting pricecom when you delete commands.
  • Fixed hook call in word counter.
  • Revamped portions of the IRC library and IRC event handling to provide better performance.
  • Fixed keyword removal from being case sensitive.
  • Turned off whisper mode by default. This will only affect new users. You can toggle it with !togglewhispermode
  • Made !uptime not call the api for $.isOnline this is checked in the Twitch cache now.
  • Fixed !playtime issues.
  • Fixed issue with pricecom not setting cost on aliases.
  • Fixed global cooldown effecting !adventure.
  • Fixed !time take.

  • Removed the per person entry message for the ticket raffle systems. I will now say the total to entries every 60 seconds. You can still toggle these messages with the commands.
  • Removed “specialuser” (subscribers) from showing up in the event log.
  • Removed seconds from points time.
PhantomBot v2.0.8
PhantomBot 2.0.8 - The Twitter Update! As always, please post bugs, questions, and concerns on our forums, and if you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter.


  • Twitter API added. Be sure to read the forum for more information on this.
  • Added !playtime, this will tell you how long you have been playing the current game for.
  • Added a disconnect button on the panel.
  • Added timeout time and warning time for each chat moderator filter. This will remove the old timeout time length and warning time length you had set, sorry.
  • Multi Session support, including read-only authorization, added for Panel Socket Server and YT Socket Server.
  • Added YouTube Player Playlist Viewer.
  • Added a auto close timer to bet.
  • Added a option for multiple repick on the raffle system.
  • Added a bet refund all command.
  • Added ticket raffle list on the panel.
  • Added command !audiohook to list and play Control Panel Audio Panel hooks from chat.
  • Added queue system.
  • Added a toggle for the follow train, it is disabled by default.
  • Control Panel: Added a refresh button to refresh the data in the current panel. Useful if data is not present or need to quickly refresh the data, such as for raffles.
  • Added !vod command. This will show uptime and the current VOD (with time index) as a link when online and the last video and length of that video when offline.
  • Added ability to pull Twitch channel videos endpoint. This gives access to the currently playing video, past highlights (maximum of 5) and last recordings (maximum of 5).

  • Fixed unregistercommand function.
  • Made default follow reward 0.
  • Modified Core IRC throttling to be less restrictive.
  • Updated Panel interaction with Notices to reset the timer.
  • Updated the moderation page on the panel.
  • Fix made to Ranks Panel, the ranks data was not being reloaded from the DB after adding a new rank. Also widened the editing fields for rank names.
  • Fix made to timer system to stop error messages. Timer was still working fine, just old functionality was still being used.
  • Changed command !reconnect to - !YourBotName reconnect. Also added: !YourBotName [disconnect / connectmessage / removeconnectmessage]. use “!YourBotName” for usage.
  • Internally, customCommands.js translates input from commands to lower case to resolve user data entry issues.
  • Internally, cache certain data from Twitch for commands that all needed the same data. This reduces the load on the Twitch API by reducing the amount of calls that have to be made on a regular basis.
  • Revamped the web page served on the base port.
  • Efficiency changes made to the chat moderation system.
  • Panel fields are now checked for focus to disable polling the DB. Note that if you move away from the web browser that the “out of focus” event fires and edited items will be refreshed with DB data again.
  • Changed success message of !makeitrain. It was only printing the first user, but, if there were a lot of people in chat, the success output would have spammed chat.
  • Changed message on !traffle open to indicate to the users that !tickets is used to buy tickets.
  • Caps moderation now takes emotes into account.
  • Fixed auction not resetting.
  • By default the bot will no longer reload scripts automatically, except lang files. This is to reduce issues that may occur when scripts are changed while the bot is running. All scripts will be loaded by editing botlogin.txt and placing ‘reloadscripts’ as an entry and restarting PhantomBot; this is only recommended if developing scripts and there is an understanding of the consequences of touching certain scripts. (This may also speed up the bot a little bit as we will reduce the number of threads – by 61 – constantly checking to see if files have been changed)

  • Removed group chat server since we can handler whispers in one IRC server now. (This will free up the socket, and use less resources, which will give the bot a better boot time).
  • Removed all hard-coded messages from streamCommands.js and placed in lang file.
PhantomBot v2.0.7.2
  • Fixed undefined permission message when using an action with a custom command.
  • Custom cooldowns allowed on a command even if global cooldown is enabled.
  • Fixed missing strings in GameWisp handler.
  • Fixed issue with hours being cut off in time output when ending with 0 (10, 20, 30, …).
  • Fixed donationHandler. The donationMessage was being overwritten. Added (message) tag for donation message.
  • Fixed various typos found in language files.
  • Fixed permit being case sensitive.
  • Fixed the default long message warning/timeout being “false”.
  • Fixed missing points name in slot.
  • Fixed !traffle repick issues, also fixed max-entry not being accurate, and cost not being accurate in ticket raffle system.
  • Fixed typo in auction system.
  • Fix to Notice System not triggering all the time.
  • Web Panel starts an adventure as the owner rather than the bot.
  • Fixed group points distribution.
PhantomBot v2.0.7.1
  • Added silent timeout for blacklist.
  • Added ‘testhost’ from the console. This sends the “TwitchHosted” event using the name of the bot as the host. This allows for testing the hostHandler feature.
  • Added ‘testgwsub’ from the console. This tests the GameWisp new subscriber event and subscribes the bot. Useful for testing the messages.
  • Fixed Performance Issues in WebPanel. Note that a new java_websocket.jar has been released as part of this and must be placed in the lib folder. If you are picking/choosing files for an update, be sure to grab this or the bot will not start.
  • Fixed issue on Viewer Panel with Followers.
  • Fixed potential issue on Audio Panel with Launch YouTube Player button.
  • Cleaned up a couple of panels based on input.
  • FFZ API had changed the Local (user defined) emotes and creating the emotes cache was failing. This has been fixed.
  • Please note that the Web Panel is still in BETA.
PhantomBot v2.0.7. I must say, this has to be the biggest and most stable release we’ve ever worked on. It’s been a month since we have released PhantomBot v2.0.6, with 333 changes, bug fixes, and additions. With this release, we’ve added GameWisp support, and a built in, fully functional web panel, and more! We’ve also made some drastic changes to our website, with a new forum, nicer organization, and written documentation on how PhantomBot works, and how to configure it from top to bottom (this is still being worked on!). We hope you all enjoy this release, and we can’t thank you enough for using PhantomBot. As always, please post bugs, questions, and concerns on our forums, and if you haven’t yet, follow us on Twitter. [img src="" class="not-responsive emoji emoji-parsed" data-set-id="emoji-one" data-emoji-id="heart" alt="<3>


  • Added a option to toggle if notices can be said in offline chat and removed !notice reload command because it was useless and fixed usage syntax errors.
  • Added toggle so you can choose what chat moderator filter subscribers and regulars can ignore. And optimized the chat moderator.
  • Implemented Core GameWisp API and Singularity API calls.
  • Implemented WebPanel WebSocket server.
  • Module enable will only call initReady on the module enabled instead of all modules.
  • Death Counter added! Keeps tracks of deaths per game.
  • Added option to do silent timeouts in the chat moderator.
  • Added event logging in all the handlers and most of the commands scripts, more will be added in the future. To enable this use !log enable.
  • Added !toggleperusecooldown (this will fix adventure issues). This also allow you to set a cooldown on one command for all users.
  • Added back consoleLn() to say if a command is on a cooldown.
  • Added !disablecom and !enablecom. This will allow you to disable commands.
  • Added back !uptime as a default command. Also added !followage back!
  • Added !multi reqmessage (amount) to the dual stream command. Default is 10 messages.

  • Fixed issued when a subscriber would use !group they would be in the viewer group.
  • Fixed issue if you tried to alias a command to a existing command it would break the other command.
  • Fixed raffle taking points when you don’t have enough, and fixed hook call that would cause the raffle to fail to choose a winner.
  • Fixed permission for !chat, and fixed issue causing the no permission message to show up twice sometimes. And fixed typo for “Administrator”.
  • Fixed bug with init.js commands.
  • Fixed ability of gifting negative points.
  • You can no longer use negatives in the raffle enter price.
  • Fix for subcommand permission issues, now the subcommand permission is shown instead of the command permission.
  • Fix to fileUtils::moveFile()
  • Change !globalcooldown [time] to !globalcooldowntime [time]
  • Fixed steam:, spotify: getting detected as a link.
  • Fixed !notice edit which was putting the ID as part of the notice.
  • Fixed notice and dual stream timer not updating.
  • Fixed issues in some game commands.
  • Rewrote timer system.
  • Fixed bet set maximum, was overwriting minimum in the DB.
  • Fixed looping issue that could cause keywords to be said twice, and fixed usage not working.
  • Fixed issue causing !slot saying the wrong winning amount.
  • Fixed issue that would allow you to edit or overwrite built in commands. Also added a message if there are no custom commands.
  • Fixed Everything.

  • Removed AWS cluster check because Twitch moved everyone to the new AWS clusters. Default host name is now: again.
  • Removed !followmessagenoreward. This has moved to one command !followmessage. You might have to set your follow message again if you had it set to no points. Available tags: (name) (reward). Sorry for this but it had to be done. [img src="" class="not-responsive emoji emoji-parsed" data-set-id="emoji-one" data-emoji-id="heart" alt="<3>
  • Removed !submessagenoreward and !resubmessagenoreward. You must now use !submessage and !resubmessage. If you had a sub message set with no reward it will be reset.
  • ytpassword directive removed as part of the Control Panel. The Control Panel and YouTube Player share the same username/password directives now to provide a single-sign-on experience. The new settings are paneluser and panelpassword in botlogin.txt
  • Removed Herobrine.
  • Forces group chat to with the recent AWS change. Ignores ghostname for now.
Today we're proud to release PhantomBot 2.0.6, this build has many bug fixes, and also introduces our new YouTube player which you can find the documentation for by clicking this text! As always, if you encounter any issues, please report them on the PhantomBot Forums. Thank you!

PhantomBot v2.0.6 Changelog:
  • Added more tags to keyword. (uptime) (game) (status) (pointsname) (sender) (@sender) (baresender)
  • Added configurable cooldown to greetings (!greeting cooldown [minutes])
  • Added symbols percent limit. Default is 50%
  • Added max grouped symbols allowed in a message
  • YouTube Player 2.0:
    • New Interface! Loads from http://yourhost:25005/ytplayer and asks for username and password. Username is ytplayer password is in your botlogin.txt after first boot and may be changed and you restart your bot to reload the password. (Note, 25005 is if you are using a baseport of 25000, the default)
    • New Web Server (base port + 5) -- test your panels with this port too!
    • Needs baseport + 3 opened for version 2.0 API if you have firewalls! Same with the above port!
    • Overhaul of YouTube Player commands
  • Query the DB with the New HTTP Server:
    • Supports simple queries into the database via HTTP
      The header must include either "password: oauth_password" or "webauth: webauth_password"

      Query table exists: table=tableName&tableExists

      Returns: { "table" : { "table_name": "tableName", "exists" : true } }

      Query table keys: table=tableName&getKeys

      Returns: { "table" : { "table_name": "tableName", "keylist" : [ { "key" : "keyString" } ] } }

      Query if key exists: table=tableName&keyExists=key

      Returns: { "table" : { "table_name": "tableName", "key" : "keyString", "keyExists": true } }

      Query key data: table=tableName&getData=key

      Returns: { "table" : { "table_name": "tableName", "key" : "keyString", "value": "valueString" } }

      If an error occurs, { "error" : "error information" } is returned
  • Automatically detect aws or traditional chat server and connect on startup.
  • Fixed blacklist and whitelist not loading. And @commandpath typo
  • Fix to !notice [edit] and updated !notice lang to show 'get' in usage
  • !streamertime shows configured !timezone time. Note, uses 3-letter timezone representation in output, not the full string configured (i.e. America/Denver shows up as MST or MDT). Also shows hours offset from GMT.
  • Poll changes. !poll open usage has changed to !poll open "poll question" "option1, option2, ..." [seconds] [minimum votes]. The later two options optional, if [seconds] is 0, defaults to 60. Detects ties now. !poll results reports the votes per option.
  • Cooldown now handles keywords.
  • Fixed !module list
  • Moved TMI user list lookup to separate event channel to not potentially send multiple ircJoin events.
  • Fixed !ranks NaN issue
  • Fixed .me links not getting timed out without http://
  • Changed caps limit to be the percent of caps in the message. Default is 50%
  • Turned logging off by default
  • Removed console log for found links
  • Fixed hook call in wordCounter
  • Made chatmod a bit faster
  • Fixed mod and de-mod issues
  • Fixed issues in ticket raffle system.
  • Turned the enter message on be default on both raffle and ticket raffle systems.
  • Changed enabling follower announcements message
  • Fixed issue in multi command if name would have "set" it would get replaced, and made the timer only work if the channel is online
  • Fixed issue with the command cooldown
  • Fixed commands being case sensitive
  • Turned emote filter on by default
  • Changed reconnect message
Music player preview:
This release is due to the impending move to Twitch's new servers. PhantomBot versions moving forward will detect which cluster the stream is located on and make the change automatically.
Today we're proud to release PhantomBot 2.0.5, our biggest update yet! This update adds and fixes things you've all been asking for, we can't wait for you to try them and let us know what you think! If you encounter any issues, please report them on the PhantomBot Forums. Thank you!

PhantomBot v2.0.5 Changelog:
  • Added auction system.
  • Added auto close timer for raffle system.
  • Rank system revamped. Supports auto-ranking based on hours in chat. Enhanced the self-configuration of ranks by allowing caster to configure an amount of points to charge for setting a custom rank.
  • Added color filter for chatModerator.
  • Made (warning) and (timeout) use lang.
  • Added debug in the core.
  • Added a long message filter to the chatModerator.
  • Added debug in most scripts with the "spam" messages.
  • Added betSystem.js.
  • Added new disabled modules to v2.0.5.
  • Added a dualstream command.
  • Added highlights -- !highlight !showhighlights !clearhighlights
  • Added local time zone configuration - !timezone [timezone name]
  • Quote enhancements: edit stored quotes, set quote message using tags, stores the game being played.
  • Added word counter
  • Added (customapi) and (customapijson) to custom commands.
  • Added a global cooldown / fixed current cooldown.
  • Fixed a typo in updates.js.
  • Changed default chatmod settings. This will not apply if you have custom settings already set.
  • Fixed issue causing the same notice to be said twice.
  • Bug fixes in donation handling and subscription handling.
  • Emote toggle issue.
  • Group points gain default is now -1, now defaults to gain/offline gain.
  • Various typo fixes, weird verbiage on !points fixed.
  • Changed whisper default IP.
  • Group chat IP can now be changed in botlogin.txt.
  • Fixed internals to permissions.
  • Fixed subscription auto-promotion and demotion.
  • Removed console "spam".
  • Fixed core typo.
  • Logging mechanism changed. The core now writes out files to logs/core logs/core-debug and logs/core-error with dated files like the rest of the bot does. This replaces stdio.txt.
  • TMI will be pulled to verify users in chat when bot starts up and hourly after that to verify the internal user list of the bot.
  • Fixed no perm message.
  • Top5 commands ignore bot and owner.
  • Added a global cooldown for commands. It can be toggle with !toggleglobalcooldown
  • Old command cooldowns will be deleted in v2.0.5 because of the global cooldown changes