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OBS Lua Pan Zoom Rotate 1.4

It works! I only suggest adding a shorcut key to zoom parameters. Like CTRL + Mouse scrolling. That would be amazing! Nice job!
U never when u want to flip a camera
I loved the plugin it has good functions
Mr Khaver,

I just wanted to say that you're a boss with this PZR!!! I was so afraid that PZR needed to be updated by you before it could be used in 29 beta on Mac OS Monterey, but sure enough it works! Just an FYI that might help someone else: I installed it last night. I closed and opened OBS and it didn't work before bed, but after a new day restart it works! The issues may be conflicts of what I have loaded into my Mac? You were so patient with me when I had a problem with PZR on my Mac in earlier versions, you were extremely helpful when I found out it was my fault. You said, "let's try it this way and that way." but it was me and what was loaded into my Mac creating conflicts the whole time!" Truly appreciate ALL OF IT!
works for me