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Non-OBS Script Open Broadcaster Software XML & RSS Data Reader 1.5

The Open Broadcaster Software XML & RSS Data Reader helps you fetch and show data from RSS-feeds in your stream. Now you have a real time news content scroller just like any news channel on TV. You can even schedule Windows to run the program for you if you want to, and automatically enter feed data.

[Version 1.5]
As of July 2016, this script is now available as a Windows Console application where you simply enter your RSS-Feed url and filename to get a text file to use in OBS.

Download the file, extract where you can run it without admins rights, your text files will be located inside the folder called 'rssfeeds'. Simply run 'xmlreader2016.exe' and follow the instructions, enter 'y' to refresh your feed data to your previous text file. Press 'n' to end the program.

All RSS-Feed files are stored in a folder called rssfeeds within same folder as the actual program. Use these text files for OBS.

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  1. XML Reader for Windows

    Script is now available as a console application for Windows. Just put the extracted folder...

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the application xmlreader2016 crashes after adding any xml source
any help with this issue
Sorry, this is an outdated resource. You should really look into using JavaScripts instead... This was developed when OBS did not have so much options or features to read in text. Now you can just parse a xml-feed with JavaScript against a green screen and use it on your stream... or just import it straight. There are other plugins that work better now... sorry for the inconvenience.