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Non-OBS Script OBS_AdFree_YouTube_PlayLists 0.11

-> rewritten the playlist fetcher to use Youtubes v3Api.
-> still routes a youtube video resource via http://localhost:8080/gogo.ts
-> provides the fetched playlist / current title in yt_playlist.txt / yt_title.txt
-> alpha again - so some stuffs still todo, but at least it wont crash our universe (crossed Fingers;)
rockOn, Marcedo

Youtube changed its player.js obfuscation methods in Sep18, so currently stuff will only work for standard, unprotected Content.
Did some research on the net. The new functions positions require changes to the identification regexps -> see yt_get_protID.php.
->Ok Fixed.

Streams a YouTube Link, an ID, or even a Playlist to a VLC Instance.
Make it available on http://localhost:8080/gogo.ts (for use with eg LiveStreaming Apps aka OBS)
  • removed dependency to "youtube-dl" and "ffmpeg", just utilizes vlc and php
  • Shows current played title.
  • written to survive Provider BlackHoles.
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-> March 2018 , Author: