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OBS Remote 1.12

Minimum OBS Version
Supported Bit Versions
  1. 32-bit
  2. 64-bit
Admin note: This plugin is for OBS Classic, not OBS Studio. It is also no longer maintained. If you want to control OBS Studio from another computer, use this plugin instead.

As my way overdue first post on the OBS forums, I am announcing the initial (alpha) release of OBS Remote.

Want to control OBS from a second computer? If you don't have a second monitor, or use a separate computer to run OBS, OBS Remote may help you manage your stream.

The remote is currently web-based and enables you to start/stop streaming, switch scenes, enable/disable sources, reorder sources, change audio source volumes, view stream stats, and preview your twitch stream and chat.

Right now the plugin/client is being hosted at There is an installer for the plugin that installs both a 32 and 64 bit version of the plugin.

UPDATE: 3/15/14: New version of the installer available on the website and on sourceforge. Fixes bug preventing installer from configuring firewall exception for plugin running on 64 bit OBS.

UPDATE: 1/15/14: I put together a small android app that will allow you to connect to the client. It's a little less feature-rich than the web-client, but should let you do most things. The app is available on the android play store. The app will work with the existing plugin, please let me know if you run into any issues.

Sorry I haven't been around everybody, things have been/are just busy.

UPDATE: 4/23/13: I have uploaded a new version (v1.1) of the plugin to sourceforge. It is updated to work with the latest stable release (i.e. 0.50b). Due to some changes in the API this version should continue to work with upcoming updates and test builds.

Besides getting the plugin working again there are new features as well. Password authentication has been added, and is on by default with the default password "admin". The password can be changed or disabled in OBS by opening the plugin's window, selecting OBS Remote v1.1, and hitting configure. Given the addition of password authentication I have also completely removed the old ip address filtering system (i.e. no more .hosts file). The firewall issue that some were experiencing with the installer should also be fixed.

The new version of the client is also live at the regular client url ( The webclient now in addition to supporting password authentication also supports Twitch API integration so you can set your stream status/game and see your viewer count. Please let me know if you have any issues.

There are instructions on how to setup the remote on the getting started page. Currently, I have confirmed that the client works for both Firefox and Chrome, other browsers (especially IE) may work with varying degrees of success.

For most people at home it should work out of the box. However, depending on your network configuration you may have to do some additional configuration (see getting started page).

There are any number of features that would also be useful, and I will try to make make updates as I can. I am already thinking about making mobile/tablet based versions of the client, but I prioritized getting a desktop browser based version out first.

I have done considerable testing so far with the remote, but I am sure there are bugs. If you run into issues you can report them on GitHub. Any feedback is appreciated, and I hope the plugin is useful.
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