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Multiview as remote scene switcher

Recently I found out about This software makes it very easy to add your mobile device to windows over wifi as if it is another windows display. However, you must run OBS on Microsoft windows.

Android as windows screen.jpg

This shows up like this in the windows Display settings. In my case my main monitor 1 is 4k while my phone shows up as display 2

windows display settings.jpg

Now startup OBS and select View - Multiview (Fullscreen)
multiview to screen.jpg

(Note: Connect your phone via Spacedesk before OBS is started. OBS won't pickup the new screen if you connect via Spacedesk while OBS is already running)

multiview on android.jpg

And here you go. A full mobile wireless scene switching station with live previews. Simply tap any of the scenes to make it go live.

However, this only works with you are NOT running OBS in studio mode. Maybe the developers might look at adding code so that clicking the preview screen switches it to live. That would be awesome.

Tips for the Android / IOS app settings:

You might have noticed that my Samsung Galaxy S7 showed up as a 720p display in windows. I configured this as a custom resolution in the android Spacedesk app as it is clear enough and it takes some load off the wifi network.

You also want to lock the android Spacedesk app in your preferred orientation. Unfortunately that app does not respect your generic rotation lock on my android phone. But you find their rotation lock in the android Spacedesk app under settings. It's a weird implementation but persist. It does work.

Also try tinker with the Quality/Performance settings. Maybe a very low frame rate but a higher quality yields a better result.

You can add multiple devices as additional windows screens. These can be computers, tablets or phones running either Android, IOS, Windows.

24 sources multiview on an old tablet.jpg

Here I added a rather old Samsung note 8 tablet running Android showing OBS Multiview with 24 scenes selected. OBS - Settings - General - Multiview (right at the bottom)

Let me know if anything is unclear to I can update this guide.
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