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OBS Python Midi Control 1

This script allows you to control OBS in studio mode with a MIDI controller
You can use yout midi to :
- trigger current transition
- select preview scene
- select transition

How to install it
- install rtmidi (
- add script to obs

How to use it
- Choose you midi controller in the list
- choose if you want to use Note or Control change for each parameter
- select the parameter address to use for transition, or to select the first scene or first transition
- the other scenes and transition are selected by using the next parameter addresses

for example, if you set the first scene midi address to note 40, the fourth scene can be selected by pressing note 43

you can see what note or control changes you are playing with checking the "log midi input" checkbox
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Fantastic! The response time is fast, and in a setup where I have 35 scenes, setting up the mapping this way is one step for all 35 scenes, rather than having to make 35 separate hotkeys and then 35 mappings using something like midi2key.

Thank you!!