LiveReacting Integration for OBS

Semi-free LiveReacting Integration for OBS

This tool makes it easy to add interactive elements into OBS live streams. The tool works when streaming to Youtube, Twitch and Facebook. The tool is paid, and offers a free trial that includes 3 streams per month (1 stream - 4 hours streaming maximum).

The following interactive elements are available when using the tool.
The instruction is applicable to all interactive elements: how to use LiveReacting Tool for OBS.

  • Trivia Game (viewers answer with a number or a word in a comment section - results are available after each round, leaderboard is shown at the end of the game )

  • Live Poll (viewers vote with comments or reactions, results are displayed in real time).

  • Closest Guess Game (viewers answer in a comment section with a number).
    Let say you have a question: In which year was John F. Kennedy assassinated? The correct answer is 1963. Users type their suggestions in a comment section, and their answer, name and profile photo is displayed inside of the game.

    LiveReacting calculates the answers automatically and displays the results after each round. As closer user's comment to the correct answer, the more they score. If multiple users answer correctly, the one who was faster scores more.
  • Wordict (WORDICT is the game-challenge with the primary goal to guess a five-letter word. The scores are calculated automatically and displayed in real-time in the stream.)

  • Word Search Game (The game's main objective is to investigate a list of words supplied within the grid and find all the hidden ones.)
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