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How to Remove/Delete Sources Manualy

Welcome to How to Remove/Delete Sources that are Removed From the Scenes but still screwing around with you, like the Source you have set gets only picked up after Starting the Programm twice.
You can Delete the Sources Manualy with very little effort.

First you need the exact Name of the Source, in the Example that i am about to show you the Source we want to Delete is Named elgato4k60, this is the Corupt one.

Secondly you need Notepad++ to open a File that would be otherwise unreadable.

And you Need the file in wich the Information for the Sources is Stored. You can acces it by holding the
Windows Button and pressing R. You get a Popup there you type %appdata% and hit Enter.

You get to the Roaming folder. From there you go into the obs-studio folder -> basic -> scenes.
In the scenes folder you will find two files ( Untitled.json and Untitled.json.bak)
Now you need to open the Untitled.json with Notepad++

There you will search (Press Ctrl+f ) for the Source that you want to Delete in our case it is elgato4k60.

Then you can hit enter and every entity with that name can be reached.
From there you Delete the unnecessary Code.

Capture 1.PNG
Capture 2.PNG
Capture 3.PNG

In our case it´s the text in the Blue Boxes.
For the 1st and the 3rd Picture you need to Delete From the First { to the , after the }
For the Second Picture you anly delete the line the Source is in for Example
1st and 3rd you Delete
From Here
"deinterlace_field_order": 0,
"deinterlace_mode": 0,
"enabled": true,
"flags": 0,
"hotkeys": {},
"id": "monitor_capture",
"mixers": 0,
"monitoring_type": 0,
"muted": false,
"name": "elgato4k60",
"private_settings": {},
"push-to-mute": false,
"push-to-mute-delay": 0,
"push-to-talk": false,
"push-to-talk-delay": 0,
"settings": {},
"sync": 0,
"volume": 1.0
To Here
For the 2nd one you Only need To Delete the Lines that have the Source Name in them
"libobs.show_scene_item.elgato4k60": []

Disclaimer the Example text could have some weird format with more text just search for the first { and teh next one in that column. Like in the First and Third Picture.

Save the file with the little Floppy Icon in the top left corner and Enjoy.
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