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How to make the Steam version (V3.0) of GTA: San Andreas and MTA work with OBS.

This is a guide to make it possible to stream GTA: San Andreas in 1920x1080 with OBS using the v1.1(in-game called 1.01) while still keeping the ability to run Multi Theft Auto on the V1.0 version of the game.
I have tested this fix in v0.625b and OBS v0.63b(test build 3)


Make sure you have a clean install of GTA: San Andreas in your Steam folders ( ....\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ) .

If you don't know for sure that the folder is completely stock then use the "Delete Local Content" option in your steam library.

After this has run its course check if the folder where the game use to be is now completely deleted.

If not just delete the folder and it contents manually.

Reinstall GTA: San Andreas trough steam as usual.

When Steam has finished Installing restart your PC.(Not sure if this restart is needed but I did just to be sure)


1. Download the GTA:San Andreas downgrader here:

2. Extract the zip to a folder that you can easily find again.

3. Go to your GTA: San Andreas folder ( ....\Steam\SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas ) And cut & paste the gta-sa.exe from the GTA folder to the folder of the downgrader(in this folder there should be a run.bat file).

4. Select and right click on run.bat and select "Run as administrator" and follow the programs instructions. When asked which version you want to downgrade to select option 2 (V1.1).

5. The program will now create a new gta-sa.exe in the folder with a bigger file size (V1.1 will be 15,436 kB instead of the V3.0 5,564 kB).

6. When the program asks if you want it to place the new .exe in your steam folder select type N for no.

7. When the run.bat program has closed go to the folder and select the new (bigger file size) gta-sa file and rename it to something else e.g. gta-sa-1.1 .

8. Repeat step 4 through 6 but select the V1.0 option (file size 14,049 kB) to create the file needed if you want to run MTA:SA. DO NOT RENAME THIS FILE!

9. Cut & paste the 2 new files (leave the 5,564 kB file in the downgrader folder) back into your GTA: San Andreas folder.

10. When you want to play the game you could use both versions but if you want to run the game in full-screen 1920x1080x32 you need to use the V1.1 file because v1.0 does not support this resolution.

11. If you want a Desktop Icon for the V1.1 exe you have to create this by right clicking your desktop and putting in the path manually

VERY IMPORTANT WHEN USING MULTIPLE MONITORS: The resolution box that pops up when launching the game does have a "bug" that it duplicates the x32 resolutions (e.g. 800x600x32) so you have to select the resolution that you want which is the highest in the list because OBS will not recognise the lower options.

When you want to stream GTA: San Andreas or MTA make sure you open up OBS first and select the relevant capture method to avoid OBS grabing the wrong window/game when you start streaming.

**Streaming GTA: San Andreas**

You can stream GTA: San Andreas using the "Game Capture" option in OBS.

**Streaming Multi Theft Auto**

For MTA streaming you will need to use "Window Capture" option in OBS. Start up MTA and go in to the options menu and go to the "video" tab and then select the resolution you want to run MTA in (e.g. 1600x900x32) and select the "Windowed" checkbox and click OK at the bottom of the option menu.
MTA will ask to restart now, select yes.

When MTA has restarted go to OBS and preview the stream and use the edit scene option to adjust the size of game in to fill the stream window.

Many thanks to Zoton2 and the rest of #gta for helping me troubleshoot and helping with this guide.
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