George Controller

Free George Controller 1.4

George Controller, amongst other things, replaces software used to control a Kramer A/V matrix switch. Hence the name George Controller. For those Millennials out there, think a 1990's TV show.

George Controller is intended to be run on a Windows computer separate from OBS studio; it provides a simple web interface. It can be controlled from OBS studio using browser sources defined in your scenes. Complete directions on how this is accomplished can be found in the documentation included in the ZIP file.
The software is primarily a controller of SONY Cameras using the VISCA protocol over serial RS232 ports. It also controls several other pieces of AV equipment. The software is particular to my application. Still, it should be easy to adapt and make a good starting point for someone else trying to roll their own Audio Video control program for OBS Studio.
The Controller program is written in AutoIt. AutoIt is a Windows scripting tool that has a very shallow learning curve. The complete development environment can be installed, and you can recompile this application in under 5 minutes. By using AutoIt's basic like language, it should be easier to make changes to George Controller.

George Controller has the following features;

  • Unlimited number of camera presets
  • Macros to combine recall of presets and other Av equipment settings.
  • Supports JoyStick control
  • George Controller Supports up to 7 cameras in Daisy chain configuration.
  • Unique Pan Tilt control pad provides variable speed control by dragging Mouse on a pad, makes the cameras easy to control.
  • Web Server allows Macros to be activated from OBS Studio
  • The modular structure should make the code adaptable to other camera control protocols.
  • The modular structure should make additional hardware support easy to add or remove.
  • Will show errors during start-up if the hardware is not present, but it will run.
  • Serial ports configured with included INI file.
  • Joystick response can be adjusted through settings in the INI file.
  • Lots of documentation is provided in the various source modules.
  • It runs on minimal hardware; I use a DualCore PC with 32 bit Windows 7.
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