Free Gamepad Display 0.7.0

Web based gamepad display for representing visual input in streams. Works best with CLR Browser.

  1. The Custom Skins Update

    Do you think my skins suck?
    Do you think I take my sweet ass time with updates? (more of a fact than an opinion...)
    Are you a CSS wizard?
    Then fear not, for custom CSS skinning has finally arrived! You can learn more about how to create your own CSS skins with an example file I've uploaded to GitHub's gist. To use a custom css files, simply add &css=[url to CSS file] to the end of the URL (Use ? instead of & if that's the only parameter you're adding to the URL).

    Please note that I highly recommend using GitHub's gist for uploading your custom CSS files since it's simple, quick, and lets you make changes easily. For image uploads, you can use any image host that allows hotlinking direct images, like Imgur.
    NOTE: If you're using gist, make sure to name your css file!It doesn't matter what you call it, so long as it ends in .css else the site won't read it and think it's just a plain text.

    Also, if you're thinking of making your own fightstick skin, there's good news too! I've added a few HTML tags to output the information necessary to style a fightstick. You can read more about that in the CSS file I linked above.
    • Added custom styles! Now, you too can make your own controller skin and share it with your friends!
    • To apply a custom skin, add &css=[url to CSS file] to the end of the address.
    • Added some HTML for future fighstick functionality.
    Here's the updated parameters list:

    Code[Player Number]&s=[Style Number]&sc=[Scale Multiplier]&css=[URL to CSS file]
    For example:
    -Player number can be 1-4 and a player must be specified for this to work.
    -Default scale multiplier is 1 (e.g. 1 times the size of the controller skin) and can also take decimal values
    -There's no point in setting a style if you're setting a custom CSS as the custom CSS will override the style ID
    Style numbers are as follows:
    0 = White Xbox One Controller
    1 = Xbox One Controller (not necessary to add &s= for this skin as it's set by default)
    2 = PlayStation 3 Controller
    3 = NES Controller
    4 = Xbox 360 Controller
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