Free Gamepad Display 0.7.0

Web based gamepad display for representing visual input in streams. Works best with CLR Browser.

  1. The Standalone Update

    Alas, finally I've been able to somewhat make this tool into a pseudo-plugin by allowing people to use Faruton's CLR Browser Source plugin to have the Gamepad Display show up natively as an OBS source via custom URL

    Code[Player Number]&s=[Style Number]
    Player number can be 1-4 and a player must be specified for this to work.
    Style numbers are as follows:
    1 = Xbox 360 Controller (not necessary to add &s= for this skin as it's set by default)
    2 = PlayStation 3 Controller
    To take advantage of this simply:

    1. Create a new CLR Browser Source
    2. For the URL, make sure it follows the format above. For example, if you want to select player 2 with a playstation skin simply use
    3. For window size, I've found it best to have it set to 800x570 for the PlayStation skin and 680x550 for the Xbox skin
    4. You can set the overlay opacity in the same window to whatever you like
    This update should make it easier for anyone to set up the display, and a lot more performance friendly as well.
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