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Non-OBS Script Facebook Live comments feed 1.0.1

Apparently since the last time I used my own script, Facebook got stricter and does not allow the script to be ran locally. You now have to know how to setup a web server.

Since everyone does not know how to, I deployed a website where you only need to put in the URL your video id and access token.

New Instructions:
  • Go to Facebook developers page and create an app. Don't worry you don't need to know coding. App does not mean android/ios/desktop app in this context.
  • Create a Test App version of your app.
    user_video permission requires an App Review and to get around it since you're just using it for your personal account and not by the public is to use a Test App.
  • Go to Facebook Graph Explorer and generate an Access Token.
    Important Note: Under Facebook App dropdown, select the Test version of your app otherwise you will not be able to select the user_video permission.
  • Copy your Live Video's ID. ex: If your link is then your id would be 0987654321
  • Test in Graph Explorer if you can retrieve your Live Video's info. If you can then proceed to the next step.
  • Replace video_id and access_token in the following link:
  • In OBS, add the link above as your browser source.