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Non-OBS Script EzLogging 1.1.1

/!\ Windows only /!\

Hey guys!

I have made a simple python script that allows you to not waste hours of your precious time Logging your recordings!
You just have to press a hotkey while recording and the script will write the time of the recording in a .txt so you can go and Log all the interesting moments of your videos in 20 minutes instead of 10 hours.

It might seem like a lot of stuff to install for a simple script but I think it's well worth it.

The script works like this :
  • You launch the script when you launch OBS
  • When you press the hotkey to start your recording the script will create a file witch has the same name as the OBS recording (assuming you didn't change the way OBS names your recording), it will also act as a stop watch in order to be in sync with your OBS recording.
  • Now you just have to press the designated hotkey to write the current time of your recording in the text file, without quitting you game!

What you need for the script to work

  • python 2.7
  • Pyhk (just put in the python installation folder)
  • Pyhook
  • Pywin32 (there's a weird thing where it doesn't install properly if you have admin rights, but that didn't create any problems for me)

You NEED to have a hotkey to start/stop the recording, and it NEEDS to be the same as in the script, else it won't work.

The first time time you launch the script, it will ask you the path of your recordings, the different hotkeys you want to use and the format (mp4, flv, etc) of your videos.
You HAVE to manually type these (or copy paste or whatever).

You will find all the possible hotkeys in the Documentation of pyhk, at the bottom of the page. It doesn't work with multiple keys for one hotkey yet, if you need this, let me know and i'll add this.

If it doesn't work, you can either find some wonky way to open it as admin or you can just create a "EzLogging.cfg" next to the script.

I am by no mean a good programmer, I had to relearn python in order to make this script, if the code seems wonky, it's because it probably is... but it works!

I am open to any ideas to make it better.
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