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Desert Kharon IRC Plugin 1.0

Minimum OBS Version
Supported Bit Versions
32-bit, 64-bit

Twitch IRC Plugin has been renamed to Desert Kharon Irc (for various reasons) and is no longer bound to Twitch. You can use this plugin for any non SSL IRC server that requires a login. The plugin is open source, so it might happen that SSL and anonymous usage will be suported in future.

Download source code and binaries:

Version 1.0 - Change Log:
  • Cyotek's ColorPicker.
  • Transparency for outline and text.
  • Optional DesertKharonIrc sub folder support to contain all DLLs.
    Delete or move previous installation files from the CLRHostPlugin folder. More details in IMPORTANT.txt

Test Build 4 - Change Log:
  • UI changes.
  • Stricter preset. (Fixes: No messages showing up.)
    You have to open up the config window and click OK to overwrite what was in your config before.

Test Build 3 - Change Log:
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Probably a bug fix for crash when reopening the font dialog after an awkward font was selected.
  • Login tab validation.
  • Typos fixed.

Test Build 2 - Change Log:
  • Opacity setting.
  • Manual moderator list (auto detect seems too slow).
  • Manual friend list and colors.
  • Manual foe list and colors.
  • Manual ignore list.
  • Support links.
  • Fixed test connection button.

Test Build 1 - Change Log:
  • GDI+ Rendering Turbo implemented ;). (I'm talking about up to 30 times faster rendering then before.)
  • IRC.NET replaced by SmartIrc4Net
  • Fixed OBS haning at stopping stream (preview). Bug was introduced by SmartIrc4Net.
  • Line wrapping added.
  • UI changes.

Known Bugs:
- After adding a nick to a list the input text box is not reset.
- Typos :P ...

UI input validation is still to be implemented.

You will need the CLR Host plugin:

Running the plugin and clicking around in the config ...


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Latest reviews

Doesn't work anymore, times out 99.9% of the time. Regardless of server. Author has stopped development. Someone needs to update/fix this.
Works really nice.