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Custom Placeholder for VirtualCam v1.1.0

The plugin will now automatically change the placeholder.png file when the user switches to a different profile. If the new profile has no custom placeholder.png file, then the default OBS placeholder.png file will be used.

A Windows version is now available as an executable installer.

The simplest way to add Windows support is to include a slightly modified win-dhsow module. The modified module checks for a placeholder.png file in the user's %APPDATA% file space. If found, that image will be used when the Virtual Camera is off in OBS. IF not found, the original placeholder.png file will be used as normal. (The virtualcam module on MacOS already works this way).

The installer also adds an uninstaller in the OBS install directory ( such as C:\Program Files\obs-studio ).

The installer should deregister the default obs-virtualcam-module and then register the modified module.

The source code for the obs-placeholder module is unchanged from the MacOS version. What's new is:

A) A Windows build of the module.
B) A Windows build of win-dshow from my obs-studio PR.
C) A Windows installer.

Added a zip file for anyone who prefers that mode of delivery on Windows. Unzip into the OBS install directory (such as C:\Program FIles\obs-studio).