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  1. Windows

This is a plugin for OBS that lets you add chapters to the video file you are recording which are marked via a hotkey. A great alternative to using InfoWriter. Useful for video highlights when recording lengthy videos. Can be used for gameplay analysis like analyzing deaths, or marking parts of a recording for editing purposes, or even just for gameplay highlights that you want in your killmontage.

  • Only operates when recording MKV files. Reason being that MKV containers end up being the least corruptable in my opinion, but I might change that if people request it and test for me.
  • 2x the space of a recorded video is REQUIRED. Meaning if your finished recording is 1 GB, you'll need at least 2 GB of free space on your drive. Reason being is that I cannot intercept the recording/encoding of OBS. Instead the recorded video is duplicated (remuxed) but with added on metadata and where the older recording is deleted and the newer one is renamed to the older one. If you don't have enough space on the drive you're recording onto then no duplication or deletion is made but OBS may bug out.
Basic Usage
  • After install this plugin, a new option "Create chapter marker" will be available (File > Preferences > Hotkeys). Map it to something meaningful to you:
  • Do some recording, invoking this hotkey.
  • Open the mkv file created, and search the chapters marks, e.g.:
    • Each chapter will have a number as identification (starting with 1)
    • list of chapters in VLC-player
  • Markers are displayed differently according to the video player, so, an alternative is to list chapters using ffprobe -show_chapters <your_video_name.mkv>.

obs-websocket users: To toggle the hotkey "ChapterMarker"

Linux & Mac users: Should work if you compile the source on your operating system, see the source code URL.

32-bit users: There is no 32-bit version on the download because I don't think there are any 32-bit users, but leave an issue on Github if you need it.

Extract the .zip file contents to your C:\Program Files\obs-studio
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Latest updates

  1. 1.0.3 - Updated to work on OBS version 28

    Updated to work on OBS version 28 Updated plugin template files
  2. 1.0.2

    Added progress bar to indicate progress of duplicating video file (remuxing) Added a check if...

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