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Free "Additive Dissolve" transition as Premiere has. 2021-11-09

Adobe Premiere has the default fade transition and an special one: "Additive Dissolve Transition" as you can see in It is similar to default but it first blends the "B" video on the "A" video with a Add composite blend. So, "A" is still there but you can see "B" highlights on "A". Then,it fades "B" video as usual. In a moment of the transition, A+B is more than 1, so it gets brighter than normal... then, it normalizes, like Premiere's transition.

The easy way to install it
First of all we need to know where our OBS is installed and second we need to (back it up and) overwrite the file $OBS_FOLDER/obs-plugins/obs-transitions/fade_transition.effect (it is inside ZIP file). In Linux, with OBS installed from repositories, it should be in /usr/share/obs/, in Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\OBS\ or C:\Program Files\OBS\, in Mac: /I/don't/know.

Note that this transition will overwrite the default fade transition. That's why you better back the file up before.

The hard way to install it
Find the way to add this transition as a new transition. You have to change some files and build OBS from source .

This is how it works:
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