3D Effect

3D Effect 0.1.0

Works like a charm!
Thanks for the good work!
But I have some problems when calling with OBS Studio, under Windows.
I had a bit of a hard time fitting it onto the screen of a warped monitor in my scene, but it worked. I also have another window that I put on the same monitor in another scene. That is, I have a scene in which there is a window with the filter and I have another scene in which I use scene 1 plus that one window with the filter.
So far so good. It started and worked fine until going to scene 3. This scene is unrelated to scenes 1 and 2. It's just a window capture. There is nothing in it. But I was surprised to find that the window was bent at the same angle that I had set on the vilter. I emphasize, there are no filters or anything else in this window and this scene.
It also turns out that the entire picture goes outside the red outline of the window and is absolutely uncontrollable to resize.
I know this happened after installing and using the filter for the first time.
I hope you find the problem and fix it.
You can contact me if you need more information.
Great as always. Thanks for making this
From what I hear, this thing is amazing, but I just can't get it to work
For support on the plugin please use the discussion page or the OBS discord plugin channel or GitHub issues.
Thank you!!! Worked out of the box on a Mac Mini M1. This was exactly what I needed, and StreamFX had become too much of a headache to keep current. Once again I have a suspended camera pointing at my whiteboard with no keystone -- perfect for Zoom meetings.
Nice one!
I had a few issues with StreamFX, but this saved the day.
Thank you for giving us this plugin!!
Thank you for coming to the rescue for this! You are my addon hero!!
Super easy to use, especially for Mac, thank you so much!
honestly saint behavior for getting this out, especially with the news of streamFX going paid for