Profiles And Scene Collections

First things first: Profiles do not include the scenes and sources!

To end the confusion

Many users have complained, that the name profiles might be a bit confusing. Some think it implies the scenes and sources are saved in a profile, but that is not the case. A profile is just for the settings and the scenes and sources are saved in a so called Scene Collection.


Profiles contain...

  • the stream key
  • all recroding and streaming encoder settings
  • your canvas and output size
  • several advanced options
  • various other settings in the Settings menu

Scene Collections

Scene Collections contain...

  • your scenes
  • sources
  • audio settings


To quote from a OBS forum: Many users stream to multiple services, and it's very useful to simply switch those profile settings rather than having to change entire scene collections. Saving both to the same place is a waste of resources, and this is unlikely to be changed. be continued...
(Please do continue if you have the time and understanding of those topics. This is just a start to make it easier for someoneelse to edit)