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A Profile saves most a solid chunk of OBS Studio settings, primarily related to outputs. Using Profiles lets you to switch between different saved settings quickly depending on the stream or recording a user is working on. You can mix-and-match these with Scene Collections to flexibly maintain, backup, and get the most out of your settings and scenes.

For example:

  • One Profile for streaming to Twitch, another Profile for streaming to YouTube
  • One Profile for 1080p output, another for 4K output
  • One Profile with a high bitrate and resolution when at home, another Profile with lower settings for mobile streaming

How to use Profiles

  • Click on the Profile menu at the top of the window/screen
Menu Item Description
New Create a blank Profile using default settings
Duplicate Create a copy of the current Profile
Rename Rename the current Profile
Remove Delete the current Profile
Import/Export Export the current Profile's settings to a JSON file to use as a backup or on another installation of OBS, or import from a JSON file to add the Profile's settings

Settings Saved in a Profile

  • Stream (including Connected Account)
  • Video (including Base (Canvas) Resolution)
  • Output (all types)
Profiles do NOT store your Scenes — use Scene Collections