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Windows Installation

Download the official version of OBS Studio:

You can also visit the OBS Project GitHub Releases page.

Note: If using the .zip method for either the full or small install and installing to a non-standard program location (i.e. outside Program Files), you will need to add the security group ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES to have full control over the main OBS Studio directory and sub-directories. Certain features may not function properly without these security rights (primarily, the ability to use game capture on UWP apps).

Alternative Installation Methods

All methods below download our EXE installer directly, and verify it's official using the hash.


winget install -e --id OBSProject.OBSStudio


choco install obs-studio


scoop bucket add extras
scoop install obs-studio

Build from Source

For instructions on how to build from source, check the Build Instructions for Windows guide on the OBS Studio wiki.