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macOS Screen Capture Source

macOS Screen Capture

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❌ Not available ✅ Available with audio on macOS 13+ / 🟨 Available without audio on macOS 12.3-12.6 ❌ Not available


macOS Screen Capture is a modern capture source based on ScreenCaptureKit. It allows you to capture a whole display, a single window, or all visible windows for a chosen application. On macOS 13 and later, it can also capture audio.

For more information on audio capture, see the macOS Desktop Audio Capture Guide.


Property Description Default
Method  The capture method you want to use Display Capture
 Display The display to capture (Display Capture / Application Capture)  
 Application The application to capture (Application Capture)
 Window The window to capture (Window Capture)  
 Show windows with empty names Whether windows with empty titles should appear in the list (Window Capture)   Off
Show fullscreen and hidden windows / applications Whether windows or applications that are hidden or in full screen should appear in the list (Window Capture / Application Capture) Off
Show cursor Whether the mouse cursor should be captured On