Simplistic Mouse Click Counter


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What is this?
Simple script with AutoHotkey that counts and displays the amount of clicks you have made with your mouse. You can see the script in action from my past broadcast (top right corner).

How to set it up?
  1. Install AutoHotkey
  2. Open Notepad and paste these lines of code:
    filePath = C:\Users\Zieb\Documents\Counter\Clicks.txt
    KeyCount += 1
    FileDelete, %filePath%
    FileAppend,%KeyCount% clicks, %filePath%
  3. Edit "filePath" to where you want the clicks to be stored.
  4. Save the file as "Counter.ahk". Make sure the file format is ".ahk" and not ".txt".
  5. Run Counter.ahk by double clicking on it. It should start counting your clicks. You can see if it works by opening Clicks.txt.
  6. Open OBS and add new text source.
  7. Select "Use Text From File" and browse for "Clicks.txt".
  8. Done! It should now display the amount of clicks on your stream.
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How did you get that circle that showed where your mouse was point at, pretty cool. I think ill code something similar that might not use ahk, if it works ill share it also I guess