Question / Help Recording in MP4, Settings?


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This is my first post so hi everyone! Slowly getting my head round OBS.
I ran the Auto-configuration wizard at startup and happy with the settings it gave me. The one thing I want to change is to record in MP4 and not slv.
When I change to record in MP4, is there any other settings I should tweak to make the change?
The only changes I've made since Auto-Config is- Settings-Output-Advanced-Recording-Recording Path,Changed to my folder-Recording Format,changed to mp4-Apply. Current log file below. Cheers.


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Directly recording to mp4 is not recommended, because if you cannot gracefully end the recording, the recording is unusable as a whole. This could happen if OBS or your computer crashes, or if your disk gets full.
Instead, record to *.mkv and let OBS convert that to *.mp4 afterwards. This way you are safe in case of a crash.
Go to Settings->Advanced->Recording and activate "Automatically remux to mp4 (record as mkv). This way, if you have a crash, you get an incomplete *.mkv file which is still usable. You then convert that to mp4 manually by using File->Remux Recordings.


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I'll post this in the same thread to keep things tidy, unless anyone thinks i should move it to a new one?

I can't find an option to zoom my C922 Webcam in OBS. I have Logitech G HUB software installed which lets me use the Cam controls but when I open OBS, the feed from G HUB goes black and I'm unable to use the Webcam controls.
Any help much appreciated.