Recommendations for Analog Input on Ventura/Sonoma


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I do retro streaming and I use OBS to broadcast. Right now I have my video signal from whatever device being upscaled to HDMI and coming in though an ElGato HD60S+. The Audio is coming in through the line-in port on the Mac Pro 2012 that needs replaced. I’m looking at a Mac Studio, but since that does not have line-in, I need to find another solution.

My first through is of course the analog in on the capture box, but I know I’ve tried that before in the version of OBS I’m running now (27.X) on Mojave and it doesn’t give me the option. Is this fixed in Sonoma/newer versions of OBS, or is there a better way to go about this? I looked at a mixer but for what I want that’s a steep learning curve.