Open Broadcast Software guide for AMD users


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There's nothing about this guide that is specific for AMD cards...

You don't need to use DxTory to capture games with OBS, unless for some reason the game can't be captured by OBS (such as running DX8 or earlier). If the game can be captured by OBS Game capture, you'll absolutely want to use that instead of DxTory.

I also found it strange that you set your DxTory output resolution to 1280x720, but then have your base resolution at 1366x768, and then downscaled to you're downscaling in DxTory, then upscaling in OBS, then downscaling again. You should just pick a resolution and downscale once, in DxTory or OBS.

Also, you shouldn't just recommend the same bit rate for everyone, since everyone's internet speeds and CPUs are different. I recommend sending people to for find an optimal bit rate.

Furthermore, for x264 preset, it is generally recommended to leave it at veryfast unless you know what you're doing. If people come and watch your video they might change their preset to superfast even though they can support veryfast, just because they are blindly following a guide. You may have found that superfast works best for you, but that is not the general advice.