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OBS Virtualcam 2.0.5


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I have re-installed the 2.8 virtual camera plug-in. It works with Zoom as before, the RC cam isn't working. have the OBS versions on different drives. Have not tried adding the plug-in to the RC install.


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Hi developer,I have an error when press "start" in filter form.

And the VirtualCam selected from the "Tools" drop-down menu has no effect after being turned on


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Ok. I have what may sound like a dumb question. What is the advantage of the virtual camera? Is there some documentation showing its purpose

Jun Moriya

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OBS Studio 26.0.2 Windows lang is Japanese.
Virtualcam plugin 2.x installed.

new 26.0 built in VirtalCam has no option? (Horizon flip, Keep aspect rasio)
I only see Start/Stop at main menu.
仮想カメラ開始(Start VirtualCam)
and one name "OBS VirtualCam"
Where is the option?


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I've been having issues where the virtual camera will just freeze in Discord, causing me to not hear anything when in a voice call. I can't reconnect after I disconnect from the call causing me to force close Discord. The same goes for Zoom calls. I've tried uninstalling the plugin, OBS, Discord, and Zoom, reinstalling them, but to no avail.


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I have VirtualCam installed and all is working well with Zoom. But VC won't show up to other sites like WGU and HireVue. Help!


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I have a weird issue. I can create a scene, set up a source (static image), add a virtualcam filter to this image, set it to output to OBS-Camera2 and hit start.
In Jitsi, I can then set my camera to OBS-Camera2 and people will see this static image instead. this has been quite useful for when I have been a non-participating recorder for a 'radioshow' that had to use jitsi in these covid-times, so so a banner for the show could be shown instead of a dead camera from me. Neat.

A few days from now, I am going to record an interview with some people, and I thought I could do the same, and send one of my video camera sources directly to a virtual camera, and it does work... but only when I set OBS Studio in Studio mode and have the 'dummy scene' with the camerasource+filter open in the preview pane. If I close studio mode, the video feed either freezes or goes black. (and thinking about it, the static image that I show is probably just a frozen image too, but I just tested with "image slide show" as source and that worked fine as well. so the issue seems to be with video capture devices only).

For situations, were we will only be talking it's probably no big deal, but iI would like to, in the future to maybe be able to switch sources etc to show a stream, as Id like to maybe do more livestream stuff that includes things like jitsi.
Any ideas?

OBS Studio 26.0.2
Virtual Cam 2.0.5 (same issue in 2.0.4)
My video sources are Camlink and 2 generic UVC devices - neither works as I'd like them to.


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Hi there....

is there the possibility to create more than 4 virtual cam devices with this plugin?
i need at least 12 devices...

The reason why i need this, cause i have to develop a realtime videochat tool... and i need to test it without the need to have 12 or more webcam devices...

big thx for any help...


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I have Virtualcam 2.0.5 with OBS 26.0.2.
When I watch the Webcam output via VLC in DirectShow Capture Device, I have video and sound. But in Zoom or Webex I only have video.
Is it possible to have sound in Zoom or Webex?



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i have problem with portrait-orientation VirtualCam.
i was set in OBS->Settings->Video (base & output) 720x1280 aspect ration 9:16 and start OBS->Tools->VirtualCam->Start
then run Skype or any other app and i see canvas is still 16:9 (Landscape orientation) but me need 9:16 Portrait Orientation like a mobile phone vertical style video
how to solve it?


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I'd like to be able to use this virtual cam via RDP where I have Teams. It's possible to forward a cam to the remote system via RDP if you enable the option under Local Resources -> Local devices and resources -> More -> Video capture devices. This works to forward my cam but the OBS virtual cam does not reach the remote system.


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I'm having an issue where I'm receiving an error during installation pertaining to the obs-virtualsourse.dll. I am using OBS in conjunction with Skype. Skype is showing an OBS-VirtualCam option within my settings. But if I select it the only thing that appears is an image with the OBS logo and a camera with a line through it.

I have just noticed that the software will not update, and when trying to install the latest version of the 64-bit version of the software I receive the same error. The 32-bit version works fine.

Here is my log file:


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I have the latest version of windows on a gaming laptop (lenovo) with a dedicated graphics card. I haven't used OBS Ninja in some time. Currently, I've added an external monitor and am running OBS on that monitor. When I use Chrome and go to the OBS Ninja website everything is fine. UNTIL, until I select ADD YOUR CAMERA TO OBS. When I do that, the picture on my camera freezes, and the same frozen picture shows up when I select OBS camera on the obs ninja website. In order to stop the frozen camera, I have to turn off OBS, and restart it. What do I do to fix this? Thank you!


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I installed Virtual Cam 2.0.5 on OBS 26.0.2 (64 bit).

I have the VirtualCam under tools and am able to open it and start it as I need.

Additionally, I have the VirtualCam filter.

However, I do not have a Cam device to choose in any of my other applications. Need it for an App called Telepromter Pro and even tried to use just with the Windows 10 Camera app. No luck; the device does not exist.

Running Windows 10 Pro.