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OBS Virtualcam 2.0.5


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Trying to nail down a bug and I don't know if it's OBS/ Virtual Cam or in Google Meets. I want to output the capture so that I can record my lectures without any FERPA violations. Everything works perfectly with Microsoft Teams, but the district has mandated that everyone use Google Meets (through Classroom). The preview looks good, but as soon as a second person joins, it all goes blank and neither person can see/ hear the other.

Are there known issues with OBS playing well with Meets, or is this likely some weird issue with the school network?

Thanks for any help, this plugin was a huge aide for my other teaching job using Teams.


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Hi/ I have a PS3 eye camera and I want to use it in Microsoft teams. So I need to install Virtualcam on 25.0.8 32bit OBS studio, because 64bit version does not support my camera. But plugin always installs on 64 bit OBS even if it is not installed. How can i fix this?


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I've had a similar issue. Virtualcam works fine on my 64 bit computer but doesn't install the 32 bit files to the plug in directory on my 32 bit computer. Any solutions?
Que tal, tengo una mac mini 2012, el procesador 2.3 ghz, intel core 7, memoria ram 16 gb, gráficos intel 4000 1536 mb. Les comparto todos estos datos porque es la primera vez que uso OBS, estoy dando clases a distancia y me interesa mucho mejorar. Así que ya instalé esta maravilla de programa, solo que no encuentro la fomra, quizás es que no soy muy hábil para el uso de estas herramientas.
No encuentro el Virtual Cam para mac.
1. primero haz clic en este enlace viene un zip para windows pero no es para mac, o cómo es que lo abren.
2. después de hacer clic en MOD EDIT: esta versión del complemento está actualmente en desuso y no debe usar con OBS Studio v25. En su lugar, utilice esta versión:
3. Luego me manda a este enlace
4. Por fin puedo ver el archivo !! PERO es para windows, en dónde está el VIRTUAL CAM para mac.

ALGUIEN me puede explicar PORFAVOR!!!! Se los voy a agradecer muucho.


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Hola, instalé obs-virtualcam-2.0.5 en OBS-25.0.8. ¿Por qué todavía no puedo ver la cámara virtual en el menú desplegable de herramientas?
[/ CITAR] buenas noches david, tengo la misma inquietud, en un tutorial youtube entendi que es para una version anterior obs v. 25.05, aunq no la veo y busco en la pagina de descarga obs


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Cualquiera que tenga problemas para ver la opción VirtualCam en su menú de herramientas, publique un archivo de registro de OBS.

Ayuda -> Archivos de registro -> Cargar registro actual y pegue el enlace aquí.
[/CITAR]saludos Fermir, en mi caso me da un mensaje de error, no se me habilita camara virtual que ebo hacer por favor gracias por siempre


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I think, the reason is the rescaling.
If i open and connect to the virtual cam, then it shows:

The name of your camera is detected as “OBS-Camera” and as the default resolution it uses 640×360.

How can i change the "default Resolution" of the Virtual-Cam to 1280x720?
I used webcam tester and it shows my virtual cam outputting at 1080p. But when the feed is piped into Microsoft teams, it looks absolutely awful. Any ideas?


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I am able to stream OBS output through an OBS virtualcam device as the webcam on my local Windows 10 PC where the OBS VirtualCam device is recognized as a webcam device. I would like to be able to use it as a remote webcam for use when connecting to a different PC (also Windows 10) for videocons in Teams or similar software. I have tried this with the webcam alone, and that works. But I cannot get Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection application to recognize OBS virtualcam's device as a webcam device (in the local resources tab). When I look from the remote PC, it sees the webcam and other devices that are connected on the local PC, but it does not see the OBS virtualcam. Does anyone know how to make OBS virtualcam accessible and visible to the Remote Desktop Connection app?


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Have installed this, rebooted, have current version of OBS Studio (25.0.8), etc and still do not have the option for it on my Tools menu.

What am I missing?


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I'm having an issue when trying to add a virtual camera to the filter of a scene.

Steps I took:

1) Add a VirtualCam as a filter for a scene
2) Choose the 2nd virtual camera as the output
3) Press the start button

Check the video for virtualcam2 and it is blank (gray).

1) Start the VirtualCam from the Tools menu

All virtual cameras show the same video from the current main output of OBS; camera 2 does not show the filter output.

What am I doing wrong, if anything?

Windows 10 (2004 - 19041.508)
OBS 25.0.8 (64-bit)
obs-virtualcam 2.0.5

EDIT: It appears it works in some apps (discord) while doesn't work in others (FaceRig)
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I've had a similar issue. Virtualcam works fine on my 64 bit computer but doesn't install the 32 bit files to the plug in directory on my 32 bit computer. Any solutions?
I ve fount this x32 bit plugin on github and copied files from rar to the same directories on my computer. it works now.