OBS Preview Small Delay / Virtual Camera + Restream Big Delay


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Hello humans,

I've been streaming with OBS for a couple of years, and streaming with Restream for a year. All was working well with no delay / lag / latency.

My setup: Canon 90D DSLR > HDMI > Camlink 4k > Caldigit TS3+ Dock > M1 Mac Mini (Big Sur) > OBS (Virtual Camera) > Restream

In the past couple of weeks, out of nowhere, there is a noticeable delay in the OBS Preview window. Even when not streaming or recording, there is about a half a second delay in the preview window when previously there was none. The delay is increased to about a full second in Restream (or any streaming platform: OBS Ninja, Messenger, Skype, etc.)

I stream a conversational podcast and the delay is making it difficult to have a conversation because the video lags the audio considerably.

Stranger still, my podcast co-host is also experiencing the same delay in the OBS preview window. He is using a similar setup, except he is using an Intel iMac and no dock.

Is anyone else experiencing a delay in the OBS preview window?

Any idea why this might be happening?

Webcam does not lag in OBS Preview.
I tired replacing the DSLR with a Canon 60D, and the Camlink with a generic capture card, same delay.
I've bypassed the Caldigit dock.
OBS and Big Sur are up-to-date.
I have a second M1 Mac Mini, same delay, even when I upgraded to Monterey.
I tried changing OBS resolution from 4k to 720p.
There's no stutter or choppiness, just a delay.

Just to be clear, this exact setup was working perfectly for quite a while.

TLDR: OBS Preview is delayed by half a second even when not streaming.

Thank you in advance, humans.