Color correction settings unerasable

I found a bug in obs. On a 2014 Mac Mini running OS 11.2.5, using cheap USB capture cards and when coming from a source video that is VGA namely the virtual boy consolized, some of the 3D effects I was trying with my physical camera apparently got burnt into the main settings of obs.

I had such a 3D cameras all set the following way to create an anaglyph image.

Step one dechoromatize. that means turn cameras color saturation to negative 100%.

Step 2 do another color correction and add the color red to the left eye 100% And cyan to the right eye 100%.

Step 3 on the cyan right eye reduce the intensity to 33% approximately.

Apparently I can't erase the settings and go back to a color image of my Xbox.

The fact I'm bringing up filters for l shows that the original capture is true color but OBS processes are turning it into the cyan eye

Here's a picture.

By the way I did multiple color corrections so that the three steps are not done together but one by one by one in order so that you first remove the color information then you tint it then you balance the eyes.

By the way the OBS version I'm using is 27.0.1 for 64-bit computers. I couldn't somehow capture a picture of it on my phone photography because it said the file is too large but I don't know how to tone down the bandwidth on my phone for the pictures to send with less data.
How and where were you doing the color correction?
Hello i was applying these 2 separate color corrections to the 3 left eye cameras as a layout unit:

1. Color saturation at -100%

2. Color multiply ( I believe) ff0000.

These 3 to the right eyes:

1. color saturation to -100%

2. Color multiply 00ffff

3. Opacity somewhere between .3 and .4

Then I overlay the layers on top of each other with cyan on top layer.

By the way how do I save a "layout" so that the lefts and rights properly overlap each other. And I notice that once the savings are saved for 3d anaglyph, I can't get a 2d full color version.

Also was wondering if there was a way to have a 32x9 layout for "Google Cardboard mode" or can squish the left and right eye in half for side by side half mode.
I think I found what it was the menu was so small that it didn't even register one pixel I don't know if you fixed it but now just registers a small box that you have to enlarge to get it to say are you sure you wanted to delete but yes, now I'm able to delete filters.